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7 Qi Gong Mistakes That Can Block Your Practice

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Based on my experience and the things that my students report to me, I thought to make a video to explain 7 mistakes that we make when practicing Qi Gong.

These are recurring mistakes I have noticed that can prevent us to grow on the path.

Here they are!


The first point that can prevent us to grow in our Qi Gong practice is actually finding the right tools.

Nowadays we are bombarded with so many offers on the web and everybody is promising something great. But unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find something that works!

None or not many of those offers are backed up by a lineage of people who have tried and experienced that system and have proven its efficiency.

My suggestion is to be very skeptical. When you find something that resonates and brings results, I advise you to continue that path till the end, bearing in mind that the goal is not “arriving” but the process itself. However, in that process, you can still mark some practical and evident achievements that make you understand that that “system” is really working.


Don’t practice Nei Qi Gong if you are planning to practice once a week!

“Gong” means “work” in the Chinese language and like anything in life, Qi Gong requires dedication and time in order for us to progress on the path. Discipline, which could sound limiting, can actually bring more freedom and results to our lives.

If you train yourself constantly, you will eventually see day by day or week by week, that you are growing in that particular system.


If we want to learn a system we have to be fully open about it and if we already know something, I believe that we have to forget everything about that!

In other words, if our glass is already full, how can we welcome something new?

Thinking to know something or bringing your own “knowledge” to a new discipline you are learning, can actually prevent you to discover how something actually is and works.

My suggestion is to be fully open when you approach a new system and, like my teacher says: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


Unfortunately, our minds can be an obstacle in our Nei Qi Gong path.

We tend to have expectations, to add and distort the exercises and the instructions that our teacher has given to us.

In this way, the practice becomes less effective. We are wasting time and we are not growing. We could just execute the exercises and observe with a little distance.

If some experience occurs to you, don’t assume that it will happen next time you’ll do the exercise.

Be skeptical about your mind and about your experiences. Be like a scientist.

If we think that we know, if we think that something will bring a specific result, and with our attention we move the instructions towards another direction, we will inevitably change the practice.

Remember that we are doing very subtle work, an internal work that requires lots of attention. When we practice our minds need to be silent and humble.


One common mistake that I keep on seeing on the web is practicing Qi Gong without being isolated from the ground.

I love nature and I love being barefoot all the time. But this is not of any help while practicing Nei Qi Gong.

If your goal is to accumulate Qi, you have to isolate yourself from the floor, either using comfortable shoes, a yoga mat, or practicing on a wooden floor.

Otherwise, you might be wasting your precious time trying to do something that is not going to happen in the right way because Qi is going somewhere else.


On my website and on my socials, you can see images and videos of Qi emissions or Fa Gong.

They have a specific goal: to make people understand that the Nei Qi Gong system works. Nothing more than that.

These, are external manifestations of a bigger process. But unfortunately many see only the “tip of the iceberg”, not what is below.

The majority of people, not everyone, are very attracted by Qi emissions and they might practice with the idea and the attachment to get to those results.

But being able to do the Qi emissions doesn’t assure that we grow as human beings.

Paradoxically, being empty, in a meditative state, and executing the right exercises, will allow us to grow faster than when we are attached to some kind of result.

My wish is that my students go beyond the practice of Nei Qi Gong itself.

Without doubts, the practice will improve many aspects of our life and we might even be able to emit Qi, but there is a bigger process available to us which is to reunite with something bigger than ourselves.

By maintaining a passive attitude during the practice and being more receptive, the practice becomes a process of evolution of yourself. This is how you can go even beyond the practice itself.

If I can give you a tip: practice just for practicing. Practice with the understanding that you are working on yourself and you can extend your human boundaries on many levels.


Different people approach the practice of Qi Gong or Nei Qi Gong because of different reasons. Some are attracted by the Qi emissions, some are interested in growing their vital energy, some start practicing because of health reasons, some want to grow spiritually, or some want to balance their emotions and psychological state.

But what we will find out when we start turning our attention inwardly, is the dissolution of the person within the practice.

At the beginning of our path, we may struggle: our body is stiff, and it hurts to do the exercises or to hold the positions. We might get nervous or irritated and so on.

But then, after this initial friction that might last as much as we and our minds are “hard” - physically, mentally, emotionally - then we can actually tap into something bigger.

So, we get in with the little “me”, with the idea of getting some power or solving some problem, and we may actually naturally discover the reconciliation with the flow of life, with her spontaneity, with the Divine, or whatever you want to call it.

We can use the practice to dissolve ourselves into a bigger process and that is when we realize that the practice is only the “tool” and not the destination.

The practice helps us to “clean” ourselves, removing the bad mental habits, emotions, obsessions, and physical limitations.

We will be naturally present, without effort and inner conflict.

My suggestion is to just be patient with yourself and do the best you can. Don’t compete with anyone, not even with yourself.

Be loving to yourself and use the practice to come back to a natural state of being.




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