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How To Make Your Qi Gong Practice PROFOUND! - 8 STEPS

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

There are various reasons that could lead us to start a Qi Gong path: improving the energetic level (QI), healing physically, finding emotional and mental balance, or taking our practice to a very high degree as we do in the Nei Qi Gong system.

In any case, it is important that our Qi Gong practice is deep and profound. There are various problems that can undermine this goal. I am going to mention some of them below:

- There are various Qi Gong practices available. Some of them belong to proven systems and lineages, and others are created by teachers in a very superficial way based on their intuition and creativity. Unfortunately, this is the current Qi Gong scenario. We might spend years and decades doing something that does not work and bring very few results.

- Our intellect might also get in the way, making our Qi Gong practice weak and not down to earth. We tend as human beings to investigate reality by acquiring concepts, ideas, "knowledge, and so on. Unfortunately, this approach might lead to several issues. We might end up distorting the Qi gong practice with our expectations and knowledge. The best thing to do in our Qi Gong path is just to PRACTICE! And discover that Qi Gong is based on our experience, not on some beliefs.

Keeping the mind free is the real solution to this issue.

- Our state of mind is crucial in our Qi Gong practice. We could be distracted during the Qi Gong exercises, and this affects the effectiveness of our practice. The ideal state to practice Qi Gong is a meditative state. Unfortunately, many people think that meditation is a series of exercises. In reality, it is a particular psycho-physical state that represents the best condition for practicing Qi Gong. In fact, our energetic sensations would be stronger and we can objectively evaluate and observe where our practice is going.

- Wrong Qi Gong concepts might lead us to make big mistakes for our internal energy growth. One of them that I have seen many times is the idea of practicing Qi Gong barefoot to gather and store vital energy in our bodies. People go in nature believing that connecting straight to the ground is a way "to connect to life". There is a video on my Youtube channel and in my Blog where you can see Shifu doing a Qi emission with me and connecting me to the ground of the electric socket. Qi basically travels through my body and reaches the electric socket. That is a quite practical proof!

- Not having the proper conditions, especially at the beginning. Create a cozy environment, wear comfortable clothes, switch off the phone and forget about family/friends. Dedicate a moment of your day to be more aware of who you are before you engage with life. With time and practice, you will be able to practice in the middle of the traffic and be 100% still inside. Your attention will not be robbed by the perceptions of the senses and internal movements of the mind. That is the ninja state! :-)

- Practicing in a group can be a motiving element in our Qi Gong practice, maybe we go on Sundays to the park with some friends and practice together. However, practicing with other people is a distracting element. Qi gong is an art. To pay attention to ourselves fully, observing and noticing the subtleties of our experience, it is better to remove other distractions. Otherwise, our Qi Gong practice will never become profound. Nei Qi Gong students know this: we practice daily and independently at home, and then we meet for monthly meetings to share our achievements and refine our understanding of the exercises.

- Do not practice following a video. Your attention should be entirely on yourself. The Qi gong practice has to become a personal tool, tailored to us. Learn the steps as fast as you can, and practice on your own. When we practice Qi Gong we want to have a quiet mind, not disturbed by external elements. Only in this way, we can focus more on our body, mind, energy sensations, and emotions.

- Do not follow in love with exotic ideas, dress in a particular way, become Taoist...If your practice is deep, you will grasp the essence of this culture without stopping on the superficial aspect. The human being is one. Cultural elements and beliefs are external aspects. Do follow in love only with the external elements or some nice soft moves. Grasp the essence through the practice and walk around as a normal human being.

Practicing Qi Gong or Nei Qi Gong means exploring ourselves. Increasing our awareness of who we are. Improve ourselves on emotional, mental, physical, and energetic levels to live better and explore more human possibilities.




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