Nei Qi Gong: Best Qi Gong Practice! With REAL results!

I made an introductory/promotional video about Nei Qi Gong on my Youtube channel, for all those people who are new to it, and who might be interested in signing up for the 2 FREE Basic Exercises and also to discover the details about the whole path of Nei Qi Gong.

It is possible to learn all the 6 basic practices online, via individual zoom classes supported by studying material, and my WhatsApp assistance "for life".

As I say many times, learning with me is not like buying a product on the web or a video course. It is an opportunity to become part of the Nei Qi Gong Fu school of Shifu Costantino Valente and be followed by an authorized instructor in a supportive and real way throughout your learning.

If you want to share this video, feel free to do so. And if you are interested in this topic/learning, check out the many videos on Youtube to understand more, or drop me a message on my Whatsapp if you are serious about it.

Thanks Have a great day, Jiaoshi Andrea

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