Nei Qi Gong is in Top 25 Qi Gong Blogs of the Web - by Feedspost

Updated: Mar 5

I am pleased to announce that my Nei Qi Gong website has been included in the top 25 Qi Gong blogs on the web. A few weeks ago I sent an email to some Qi Gong blogs to spread the practice of Nei Qi Gong on the web and meet other Qi Gong practitioners. Only one has responded to my invitation to do an interview together, and maybe in about a month, the interview we shot together will be shared on my blog and Youtube channel. Meanwhile, has agreed to include my Nei Qi Gong - Jiaoshi Andrea site in the list of the web's 25 best Qi Gong blogs. I am really happy with this. I would like to share more of this powerful ancient and practical form of Qi Gong that very few people know of at the moment. So if you have a blog, website, youtube channel and would like to arrange an interview with me to talk about Nei Qi Gong, feel free to contact me at



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