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Jiaoshi Andrea Nei Qi Gong

The millennial practice that increases, unlocks and releases your life energy (Qi), in a concrete and visible way, for health, spiritual growth, patient treatment,
and martial excellence

Get immediately two basic exercises:
body alignment and abdominal breathing

Nei Qi Gong Free Exercises
Jiaoshi Andrea Nei Qi Gong Fu

My name is Jiaoshi Andrea. I am an Italian Nei Qi Gong instructor, advanced practitioner, and direct student of Shifu Costantino Valente, founder of the Nei Qi Gong method, and of the school Nei Qi Gong Fu. I have been a spiritual seeker my whole life. I was a Buddhist tantric practitioner. I took ayahuasca, peyote, and medicinal plants several times, and took part in shamanic ceremonies. I read books about mysticism and listen to spiritual teachers since I was very young. When I started practicing Nei Qi Gong my spiritual search was finally over.

Nei Qi Gong Coni F.E.E.T.A.M.

Nei Qi Gong's school is recognized by CONI in Italy and FEETAM (Spanish Federation of Traditional Schools of Martial Arts, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior).



Nei Qi Gong Free Exercises Jiaoshi Andrea

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