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"In 30 years of Qi Gong, I have never seen an actual emission of Qi. Then I met Master Zhou..."


My name is Giorgio S. and I have been practicing Qi Gong since November 1976. For about ten years I have practiced only external styles, with two different Masters, one Irish and the other Chinese. Meeting with a Master who practiced internal styles made me realize that practice is not just kicking and hitting and that there is a world where true strength is not in the physical matter, but there is another force that is much more powerful that does not diminish with aging. On the contrary, it increases more and more.


With this Master, I practiced intensely for 17 years, until his unfortunate premature death. After his death, I continued to practice following his teachings and meeting many (Chinese) Qi Gong masters, very famous in the West. Despite having practiced Qi Gong, with dedication and perseverance, for 30 years, I could not do or see a real Qi emission. I witnessed teachers blowing up their students with a single wave of the hand or just looking at them. When I asked to try it, they told me that I was not ready to receive Qi and that it would have been dangerous.

In my opinion, neither of them was able to emit Qi. It was mental conditioning that led the students to follow all the movements of their teacher. I must say that, despite various disappointments, I have always believed that there was a great force within us and that we only needed to find a way to use it. So I put myself, even with a bit of skepticism, to search the Internet for everything concerned about the Qi topic. I discovered Shifu Costantino's site and decided to enroll in Nei Qi Gong courses. In November, I was allowed to go to China and personally meet Master Zhou. It was like leaving a room where I have been locked up for years and finally seeing what was outside.


Master Zhou is a wonderful, humble, and kind person, with a great desire to teach all those who have the humility to learn. Without many rounds of words, he made me feel his Qi, and, without touching me, he did a Qi emission to me. I had seen Master Zhou emit Qi to other people, but feeling it myself was something that cannot be explained, and that makes you change completely. It is not about suggestions or sensations, it is not about "it seems that I feel something", it is an immense force that stuns and that few men in the world can dominate. I don't know where I can go on my new path, but now I really know that there are people who can teach me.


Giorgio S.

No more crutches after two sessions ... 


I am a martial arts teacher and about two years ago, a student had a sprained knee while practicing wrestling on the ground. He immediately went to the doctor and after several investigations, he discovered that there were no breaks, and the cure he was given was: anti-inflammatories, crutches, and rest.


However, after a few days, since there were no improvements, I suggested to the student to meet Shifu Costantino Valente. I knew already that he had helped other people. The teacher made the student sit down and, through his hands, carried the electric current in some points of his leg. After less than an hour, he told us that he had done what he could, and if the student had some benefits from the treatment and still needed more help, he knew where to find him.


The amazement was that the student got up and left without using crutches, saying that it seemed that he had never had any problems. The truth is that the day after a little pain came back and took another session to solve the problem completely. 

Michele F.

The next day the knee returned to normal, thanks to the electrical energy carried by the master...

My name is Carla, I am 28 years old. About eight months ago, I had a problem with my right knee, for about ten days it was swollen, uncomfortable, and painful, and did not improve even when I was resting. And I could not take any medication due to breastfeeding. With a little fear, led by my husband, I underwent a therapy session with Shifu Costantino Valente.


The concern I had, in the beginning, turned into amazement when the teacher's fingers touched some points near the knee. Gradually, first light and then with more intensity, an electric current, transmitted by the master's hands flowed into my leg. I felt instantly a feeling of well-being and lightness in the knee, free from discomfort and pain. The next day, the knee returned to normal.


Carla M.

I fully recovered from a serious chronic health problem...

I could speak for a long time about everything Shifu Constantino Valente and Nei Qi Gong have done for me. Over the years I have had the privilege of accompanying these Masters on their trips and spending a lot of time with them. Even today, Nei Qi Gong continues to be one of the most important practices of my life.


I fully recovered from a serious chronic health problem I had from birth (considered incurable by official medicine). I mastered my body and its functions in ways I could never have imagined were possible (but still infinitesimal compared to my Masters). I have acquired a level of energy that allows me to maintain a very high work rate and recharge quickly, thanks to which today I can easily guide an entire spiritual movement and take care of an incalculable number of people.


I was lucky in this life to meet many spiritual teachers and human beings out of the ordinary, but I can say that Shifu Costantino Valente and Nei Qi Gong are amongst the most precious treasures I have found. My words will never express the true gratitude I feel for them.


Surya Cillo

"The best strategy for daily well-being..."

This wonderful practice has been part of my morning routine for many years. I find it perfect to start the day because it awakens my body and increases my energy with a balanced mix of physical and mental work. Together with a healthy and empowering diet, it is the best strategy for daily well-being.


Francesca Forcella Cillo

Naturopath and Nutritionist

Founder of



I highly recommend Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni. He is a very patient instructor and he will pay very close attention to your movements and find mistakes fast to help you correct them during your training. He also gives you great study material to make sure you are successful in mastering the training. Overall, great Nei Qi Gong instructor and course.

Thomas (USA)

Yesterday I learned the intricate and complex art of Xing Shen Zhuang Gong over Zoom. It is a practice that was first only taught to close disciples and initiates in hidden Daoist lineages. It is now finally being disseminated and shared online by Shifu Constantino Valente and his student Jiaoshi Andrea, which is a truly wonderful opportunity. 

Despite not being there physically, Andrea has a keen eye for detail and his explanations were excellent. Though the movements looked simple at first – doing them with Andrea proved that there was much more to these movements than expected. Every little aspect of posture and each of the 15 movements and techniques was explained and detailed hidden instructions were given in terms of internal focus and internal state.


We kept practicing the exercises I found difficult until I knew the essential aspect of them and could practice them well enough on my own while still retaining the essence of that exercise. 

After the 3-hour session, I received an email with the full instructive PDF and also a video of Jiaoshi Andrea’s master going through the movements with Andrea’s instructions as a follow-along video. This is what I’ll be using until I know the full XSZG by heart. 

After finishing the full training and distant learning session, I felt that I had worked out my entire body. I was sore in all kinds of places and felt like I had worked out every part of my back. After resting for a bit and eating to nourish me, I felt invigorated, warm, calm, and a lot more energized than usual. 

I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Anders (Denmark)

The learning for me with Andrea was outstanding and very efficient.

Andrea is very patient with the teachings and explains the techniques very thoroughly.  

I felt I was guided with sincere, dedicated, and empathic care for my personal goals.


He is communicating directly at an eye-to-eye level, without any barriers, that kind of interaction makes the practice and knowledge-gaining process very effective.

Andrea has an amazingly humble and caring nature, a truly rare human being that surpassed the illusion of ego.

Dr. David (Hungary)

I was happy to go through the first course of the Xing Shen Zhuang Gong.

Jiaoshi Andrea was friendly, earnest, conscientious, and very thorough. We went through each exercise in a detailed way and then through the whole sequence.


I enjoyed the lesson and benefitted greatly from his instructions as I also carried on with the video the following days. I highly recommend this course!! 

Patrick (Greece)

I was happy to go through the 1st level of the Xing Shen Zhuang Gong and I highly recommend Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni as a personal teacher. He gives very importance on details and has a lot of patience.


The 1st practice is a bit demanding but the results are immediate and apparent. You will feel your body refreshed and with energy from the very first sessions.

Thanasis (Greece)

Today I have started the practice of Xing Shen Zhuang Gong and I can say that it has been wonderful. I am very satisfied with the practice, and with this excellent knowledge. In addition, the teacher is a great person, with a perfect way of teaching and explaining.


All very well explained and detailed, with some excellent study materials that you will receive at the end of the class. Thank you Jiaoshi Andrea for sharing your knowledge.

Cristo (Spain)

Jiaoshi Andrea is 100% dedicated to teaching students,
available, honest, benevolent, and attentive. He provides accurate and correct
instructions. I have learned the first level with him.


He allowed me to clearly grasp the basis of this Qi Gong. This is
perfectly what I was looking for, both physically and mentally.

Damien (France)

Jiaoshi Andrea is a patient, well-spoken and passionate teacher. I would highly recommend him and the Nei Qi Gong path for anyone interested in getting to the core of their nature.


Delicate care was taken going over every movement and the intricacies within the form. Along with the underlying principles and the goal of the practice, Jiaoshi clearly shows what, how, and why we are doing what we do. Along with this and the study resources provided, one has everything one need to make great progress with energetic practice.


Jiaoshi Andrea also makes himself available for any questions or concerns the student may have. And to discuss the changes you are experiencing within yourself. 


The rest is up to you, to practice and experience. 

Kainaan (Canada)

I've been practicing the first basic practice of Xing Shen Zhuang Gong for over a week now, I really like it such that I've actually been doing it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. This time practicing has been enough for me to start feeling a sense of overall wellness and inner peace that I definitely goes beyond that afforded by me just meditating and doing my "light" Qi Gong practice (18 forms / Shibashi, 8 Brocades, and other similar ones).

I've been feeling more and more a subtle sense of inner joy, and thoughts seem to be "sticking" a lot less, which is the best part for me, it's been really interesting seeing this progress in myself. Even surprising that it is working in this way. 

The class experience itself with Jiaoshi Andrea was very easygoing, it pretty much felt as if we were practicing in the same room in terms of quality of instruction. With clear explanations, demonstration with different points of view, and correcting my form as I was doing the exercises which was very helpful.

Between the initial teaching of the class and the video routine, it's been all that I've needed to practice effectively. Some of the exercises were physically intensive at the start, but I'm really enjoying them now.

I think it is worth having a walk on this path just for this practice alone, really, based on what I'm experiencing so far, that being said, I can't help but be excited for what may come next. I am very thankful for this path being made available to me!

Goncalo (Portugal)

I started my training in Xing Shen Zhuang Gong this morning and found Jiaoshi Andrea to be an excellent instructor. I don't have flexibility, coordination, or balance as I am sitting down in front of a computer every day. Once our XSZG session began, I was very surprised to find that each exercise seemed to work areas of my body that I'd never even considered.   


As we performed each exercise, Jiaoshi explained and demonstrated the movement (in Spanish and English) - to make sure I understood its essence. After slowly going through the entire sequence, Jiaoshi has a keen eye for details and corrected me along the way, we took a short break. Then we performed the entire XSZG  routine again, as I tried to mirror Jiaoshi's movements. This took about 45 minutes.


I have to say, I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to learn authentic teachings - from an ancient lineage. My Zoom training session felt like having a one-to-one, with my personal instructor. I got real value for such a small investment. 


With continued practice, using the video of Shifu Valente demonstrating XSZG and the pdf provided - I'm confident that I will continue to improve.

Jorge (USA)

The first online lesson with Jiaoshi Andreas was excellent. His attention to form and communication of details and finer points of information is of the highest standards. The actual movements and exercises of Xing Shen Zhuang Gong are very potent, you can feel and understand the benefits of the movements for the body and mind. Thank you Jiaoshi Andreas for a great experience.

Mehmet (UK)

I am really happy about your zoom lesson and the precise coaching. Practicing afterward with the video works perfectly. So far I can say it results for me in a clear mind and a light-feeling body. I feel more present now. A blockage I had in my right shoulder disappeared during our online class. I realized that after the session. I think this method opens a big door toward improving myself in many aspects, physically and mentally.

Ralf (Germany)

Thank you for the online course and the beautiful body exercises. I really appreciate the respectful approach and the ease of your teaching. I especially like the humor that is not missing. At the same time you were able to teach me the importance of determination without being dogged. I enjoyed the session with you very much and felt very relaxed in contact with you. There was always room for questions and clear communication.


Also, your follow-up questions showed me that it is really important to you to support us in the process of learning. Already after a few days of practicing, I can say that a little bit of joy and also gratitude is noticeable after the exercises. 

Thank you for sharing your joy, knowledge, and appreciation.

Claudio (Germany)

I wanted to give myself a little time after my training session with Jiaoshi Andrea in order to let myself assimilate the practice fully, and now at just over a month of doing it very consistently (initially twice a day, but frequently three or four times a day now), I feel that I can really speak to its impressive benefits.

Very quickly, I noticed a great deal of improved strength and flexibility that I had forgotten could exist in my spine. My job is sedentary and I am at a desk for ten hours at a time, and I feel so much better from that unpleasant situation after even just one session of XSZG, it's actually very impressive. I've practiced yoga, meditation, and martial arts for more than three decades, and rarely have I experienced an exercise of any kind that seems to rejuvenate the body-mind so quickly.

I seem to bounce back from things much more easily than usual. Even better than that, it seems like many issues that would bother me a great deal after arising simply don't affect me anymore. Quite interesting.

I have noticed a much higher level of perception of my surrounding in general, as well as my overall attunement to nature. Quite significant (and actually very...fulfilling, I guess is the right word?), and it seems to drive me to be even more of an "outdoorsy" person than before.

I feel like my circulation (physical and otherwise) is greatly improved in my arms and hands, as well as the bones in the lower part of my spine, even into the tailbone.


I feel like my mobility is absolutely improved, much like it was when I was younger.

There are other benefits as well, but I think some things are best left to personal experience. This practice is truly surprising and an absolutely incredible deal.

As for the instruction, I couldn't speak more highly of Jiaoshi Andrea. I loved the training session and feel like he really knows how to make use of the remote learning medium. Not only was the instruction perfectly clear, but Jiaoshi Andrea is truly an excellent teacher. I loved learning the practice from him and could not speak more highly of his character.


No gimmicks, no deception, just an honest, open, and straightforward person. I can't wait to learn more about the Neiqigong path from him in the future, and I sincerely thank him for his time and generosity! If you are on the fence about learning this practice, I strongly recommend just going for it. You (and your body-mind) will be glad you did!

Charles (USA)

I had the 1st level with Jiaoshi, a very generous Teacher (the capital is not typo!) the online workshop is very "rich" and he provides as well lots of material and tools to go on by yourself. Very positively impressed! A totally genuine person walking the walk and in the service to share his own experience with whoever might be honestly interested to be on the path.

Many thanks.

Annabella (Switzerland)

I recently just had my level 1 training with Jiaoshi Andrea and he was both patient and effective at instructing me. Mind you, I have absolutely no experience doing any of this and did not for the most part know at all what I was doing but it didn't take too long to start to follow along.

I highly recommend his training and instructions and thankfully he also provides material to follow up on and makes it simple enough to reach him if any questions are needed. For someone just stepping into this field that is invaluable. Thanks again!

Michael (USA)


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