The Millennial Practice that Increases, Unlocks and Releases your Life Energy (Qi), in a Concrete and Visible Way, For Health, Spiritual Growth, Patient Treatment, and Martial Excellence

Get immediately two basic exercises: body alignment and abdominal breathing
Nei Qi Gong Free Exercises Jiaoshi Andrea
Nei Qi Gong school is recognized by CONI in Italy and FEETAM

Nei Qi Gong's school is recognized by CONI in Italy and FEETAM (Spanish Federation of Traditional Schools of Martial Arts, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior).


Almost all Chinese holistic therapies, martial arts, and spiritual and longevity practices are based on "Qi": the vital energy that flows into the meridians (channels) of the body and regulates its fundamental functions, which determine health, strength, psychophysical well-being, longevity, and consciousness.


The problem is that Qi is generally still an abstract concept because the practices taught - in the West but also in the East, from Qi Gong to Tai Chi and Reiki - are based on the mechanical repetition of movements and/or physical sensations that are too light. 


The Nei Qi Gong, on the other hand, has kept the original practices intact and allows a quick direct Qi experience, with benefits from the first weeks.


The goal is to accumulate more Qi than you need for your health so that you are not only well, but (if you wish) use the surplus to:


  • Helping others through deep and often decisive therapies and treatments 

  • Spiritually evolving by accessing higher states of consciousness (the so-called "spiritual Qi", Ling Qi, which is called at the top of the head)

  • Bringing martial arts (of any style) to their fullest expression (Shifu Costantino trained "behind the scenes" national champions and teachers from many disciplines)

Nei Qi Gong, Shifu Costantino Valente, Shifu Zhou Gan Shen
Shifu Costantino Valente Nei Qi Gong

The few teachers who still maintain this practice, such as Master Zhou in China and Master Luo in Thailand, are famous for their extraordinary manifestations of energy.


From lighting a fire with bare hands to moving objects at a distance, from curing even deep imbalances to transmitting strong electric shocks of Qi, ideal for experiencing energy immediately.


Shifu Costantino Valente is the only Westerner who has completed the entire practice course with these two teachers, of whom he is a formal Tu Di (direct student).


Today he teaches a complete self-coding system, in which he has condensed the methods of his teachers and his own 40-year experience, suitable for those (like us Westerners) who have little time to practice and be able to take you from zero to the final result.


It is the first complete Nei Qi Gong educational system in the world, which was also called to teach in China itself.

It is suitable for people of any age and physical shape since it only involves slow movements and internal work.



Nei Qi Gong Free Exercises Jiaoshi Andrea