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Astrology = Fear / 21st December 2020 - Winter Solstice

The reason why we rely on Astrology and other similar tools is because we are fearful and because we do not accept our present life experience.

We hope for a better future, for better life circumstances, for a better humanity, and so on.

We are basically resisting life towards what we experience. Buddha was used to say that this was the main cause of suffering.

Instead, of hoping for some kind of divine intervention, gurus, healing ceremonies, and so on. Why do not we try to understand where the real problem is? And transform our human experience on a body, emotion, and mind level?

After all, the quality of our lives depends from being able to see reality for what it is, which means having clarity in the mind, emotions under control, and the ability of act in the world effectively.

Let's take responsibility for our own self, and transform it. So that we do not need "magic guru", beliefs, fantasies, that will create a new humanity. Let's use proven systems that are designed to transform us internally, so that we can see what is really happening in a more objective and productive way.

I have only one tool that I can share, although there are probably many out there, which is Nei Qi Gong.

You can get access to 2 free exercises by clicking on the link below:


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Nei Qi Gong Free Exercises Jiaoshi Andrea
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