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Ayahuasca vs Qi Gong - What is Spirituality?

In the spiritual world is becoming more popular the use of drugs, psychedelics, and medicinal plants as a tool to develop and "heal" spiritually. Although these experiences can be powerful catalyzers for new changes, they never represent the real long-lasting solution to the problem of spirituality.

In fact, most of the time, adopting new belief systems, exploring visionary experiences, embracing old shamanic cultures, represent still a middle point in the path of personal growth. Because the truth is free from any external thing, and resides in the investigation of our own self, free from any kind of conditioning, dogma, or belief. It is a complex and easy matter at the same time.

Due to the fact that we tend to find solutions intellectually or through the senses. However, in the search of our spiritual nature that approach is misleading and can trap us for a very long time. Ayahuasca represents a really powerful experience, not suitable for everybody for sure. We are skyrocketed into another world full of visions and perceptions that we are not accustomed to usually.

Because it is giving us a quick opportunity to "fly" into these dimensions, we think that the tool is doing the magic. However, what I have found out is that the practice of a real Qi Gong can optimize the chemistry of our body and take use to experience similar things without the use of external stimulus.

This makes the process more gradual and stable and leads to a truly long-lasting transformation of ourselves. Opening the doors to new forms of perceptions on a daily basis.

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