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Challenging Times (COVID-19): A Great Opportunity

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Covid-19 - challenging times / a great opportunity
Challenging Times (COVID-19): A Great Opportunity

Spirituality is the path we all look at when things do work out anymore on our external circumstances. Especially now, in the era of COVID-19, things look pretty much uncertain and a need for understanding things become greater.

I believe it is fantastic time for transformation, despite unfortunately all the human lives that are being touched from it. But in a time of deep suffering there is a great potential for spiritual evolution, and jumping to the next step.

I am referring to the possibility of conquering a deeper place in our soul that can also bring greater understanding of life in general. It does not matter where we are and what we are doing, and who we thought to be. We are all in a time of reinventing ourselves. Life teaches us and help us to evolve in two ways: through grace our through suffering.

Looking at bigger picture, it is not relevant how we grow. One way is like the other. For sure, learning and choosing the less painful way makes our human experience more pleasant and the road becomes shorter.

There is no reason why we should be feeling pitiful. It does not matter what we go through, everything is temporary. It is very hard to understand this when we are in the middle of a painful situation. But if we look back to our own lives. things kept on changing, and we move on from one thing to another.

I am not saying that pain does not exist, or struggles are imaginary things of the mind. I am saying that it really depends what we make we them. We could sit and complain about something or we could try to understand the immense benefit that is coming in our way. Unfortunately, we see it only in the form of a painful change.

Regardless, we are aware of it or not. Life has only one meaning: evolution, spiritual evolution. And anything we go through right now is a possibility to strength our vision and our capabilities and to make some small adjustments that could lead our life to a more sustainable way of living for our own happiness.

Use this time to rebalance your life, and to give importance to a dimension of your being that is usually underestimated. Our world is focus on external things, achievements, successes, and so on. Very few pay attention to working inside, silently, where the fruits of their labour does not serve to buy a new car or a new house. Ultimately, those material things will slip away and your hand will be empty.

I am not saying to not enjoy things but work on your inner being to make sure that you can enjoy them even more with the right detachment and with more awareness that will lead to make choices, take jobs, life direction that will ultimately really reflect your inner being,

I like to play music for instance. I understood that the music industry does not reflect my values and my ultimate goal of spiritual evolution. Parallel to the development of my career I created a system to use music to grow spiritually and break my limitations and expand my being. That was my conscious choice that came after examining deeply myself, my values, and the kind of life I want.

The beauty of this system is that is perfect for musicians and people who do not anything about music. Why? because music is only the way. It is not destination. The destination is an integration of your inner being with your superficial being, so that the war can be over and life can be lived as a whole.

If you are interested about it, check the home page of this website. There you will find the information to start this inner work through music online.


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