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I Will Be An Hermit Next Time!

One part of myself has always been interest in exploring "the beyond", the infinite possibilities beyond the visible.

I explored several paths and systems trying to do that. Only when I met Nei Qi Gong my search stopped, and turned into the understanding of developing my human potential, and working on myself.

Rather than looking for something to fix my life, I understood that I could fix myself. And at that stage, human possibilities start to expand beyond what we believe it is possible.

I have always been interest in music. At the same time, I felt and feel sometimes the pull towards isolation, mountains, and living like an hermit.

No because I have built some exotic narratives about that. Rather because I realized how deep and endless is the exploration of the human consciousness and the world around us.

My interest for music was creating some friction towards that interest in the past. One path is silent and alone, the other one is vibrant and around people.

For many years, I struggled to put these two worlds together. Then I changed direction in my music career to make sure that these two things could align: using music as a tool to deliver my ideas.

At the end I understood one thing: not always the thing that is more appealing to us (that seems right) is what life wants from us. I was ready to give up music forever to pursue my spiritual vision.

Then I understood that the problem was not in my passion, rather in its applications in the outside world. Now I am developing a new Italian songwriter project. My old project "Ayan" is gone.

I just keep on asking life for guidance to bring something useful through this artistic form in the world. That could hopefully touch and inspire people to explore their inner dimensions, "the beyond".



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