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Qi Gong: Experience Beyond The Ordinary

There is one level of existence hidden to our eyes and to our modern scientific instruments. Chinese people call it "Qi", a term which translated means "energy": the vital energy. Experiencing and mastering this level of existence is something out of the ordinary, however within the reach of human capabilities.

Very few people in the world are able to demonstrate its existence with evident and concrete proofs. Although there are many Qi Gong paths that aim to bring the practitioners to a certain level of awareness of this energy, only very few actually succeed.

Probably due to the fact that many of these teachings do not have strong foundations and were taught or created by people who actually had no mastery over this indivisible force. There are many people who have great intellectual knowledge about Qi, however, direct experience is missing.

Becoming sensitive to Qi or vital energy can truly transform our own lives on various levels. Besides balancing our emotions, mental behaviors, and providing excellent well-being also allows the possibility of entering in contact with levels of existence that are not ordinary. New possibilities can be explored.

Watch the video to hear more about it.

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