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Qi Gong: How To Keep Up Motivation?

The real motivation in the Qi Gong practice, and in life in general, does not have any specific motif or any particular goal. It comes when we do something just for the sake of doing it, as a natural process/ activity that resonates with us. Sometimes people start the path of Nei Qi Gong and they get lost in the way, especially at the very beginning.

Maybe because they expect that the path to be easy and that in a few weeks they can do Qi emissions. I do not know honestly. If they would practice some days with constancy, for sure, they will experience some amazing benefits. However, their minds might be fixed on achieving some kind of "superpowers", missing completely the goal of the practice: perfecting ourselves on an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic level.

We are a stupidly goal-oriented society. We cannot blame anybody for that. It is just the system and conditions that we are exposed to when we grow up. Society does not teach us who we are, and the immense blissful contentment that we can discover within us, where everything is already fulfilled, and ecstatic experiences are internally produced.

Keeping up the motivation during our Qi Gong practice can be difficult for several reasons: we might go through ups and downs in life, we might go through ups and downs during the practice (the path is not always easy, because we see our limitations), we might be practicing with a specific goal in mind which actually causes, most of the time, a delay in achieving it.

If we would approach the practice of Nei Qi Gong with the right perspective of achieving perfection within ourselves, which represents the endless process of growth, we might understand that the goal is the practice itself. At that stage, new insights about ourselves and life would become more available.

For me, it works like this: I know that by practicing every day I can optimize my system to work better in life, on any aspect, without reading all the intellectual non-sense about Qi energy. I have a rather practical and skeptical approach about it.

I know that if I practice every day I can express more my full potential, understand better who I am and my human possibilities (that are bigger than what we commonly think) I practice for the journey, not for the goal. And interestingly enough, more results come from such a kind of approach.



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