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Qi Gong Teacher: The Best Way To Learn Qi Gong

It is more and more difficult to keep people down to earth. Especially in the field of Qi Gong and spirituality, in general. Sometimes, people learn few things, practice for a very short period of time and feel that they have already understood the principles behind these technologies. The worst thing, that unfortunately happens many times, is that people feel entilted to give instructions to others or even teach. And they might even do that only because they have read some books about Qi Gong.

My usual advice for people who want to start learning Qi Gong, it is to be skeptical. To research and verify the teachers and the teachings: are we going to learn from somebody who has a practical experience of what they are talking about? Is it a path based on beliefs? Does it bring real and practical results? Is it based on some light sensations and imagination? The unfortunate thing is that we might be attracted by the nice stories that people "sell" us and then we find out for ourselves, after many years of practice, that it was just a waste of time.

Learning Qi gong and understanding spirituality, it is a first hand experience. It is not an intellectual gathering of concepts and ideas. It is a personal work that requires time and that can safely be done only with the help of a Qi Gong teacher, who can verify that we are moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the real Qi Gong teachers who are able to demonstrate, in a practical and concrete way, the existence of Qi energy are very few in the world, most people believe that the experience of Qi in the body is something sublte and light.

In reality, an effective and organized Qi Gong system, like the Nei Qi Gong, is able to transform radically the way we perceive our body and brings a direct and powerful experience of Qi that cannot be denied, even when we are not practicing. The vital energy processes are evident. And they undergo a process of refinement when we keep on growing using this system.

It is very important to say, that the Nei Qi Gong system can only be taught by authorized instructors of Shifu Costantino Valente, like myself. Whoever claims to be able to teach this practice without any connection with the Nei Qi Gong Fu school is just claiming to teach something that is not entitled to. Be careful. If you want the real thing, do some proper research.


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