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Sadhguru "SAVE THE SOIL" - Practical Spirituality

Updated: May 3, 2022

It is remarkable to see that the most influential spiritual guru of all time is addressing practical problems in life, rather than just talking about some kind of mysticism.

It is rare that I do these kinds of videos and support some kind of social campaign. I personally feel that we are really working hard to be the last generation on this planet earth.

It is very interesting to see a person like Sadhguru who is in the position of talking at the United Nations Conference and meeting the most important people in the world, trying to bring attention and do something about very practical aspects of life.

While I usually do not get involved with this kind of social movement because I believe that the only change in the world begins with an inner transformation, I really felt to support in my little way the diffusion of this SAVE THE SOIL campaign.

Sadhguru is riding his motorbike for 30,000 km (I believe) across 30 countries with the goal of bringing the issue of soil under the attention of governments so that they could apply new strategies to this very sensitive problem that we are facing and will be facing very hard in the near future.

I was inspired to make this short video because I am staying in Tulum (Mexico) at the moment, where everybody talks about spiritual nonsense. By that, I mean things that are not in their personal perceptions: easy, new age mysticism with some level of drug in it.

While everybody is trying to flee reality through some form of spirituality or higher experience of life, the most influential spiritual person, ever in history, is inviting us to put our feet on the ground and realize that things have to change if we want to survive on this planet.

This video is an invitation to stay practical in our personal/spiritual search and to help Sadhguru´s SAVE THE SOIL campaign to go around the web, only in that way we can create more awareness about it

You are invited to share this video, make one, or create a post on your social media to share this big coming issue that we will be experiencing very soon.

I personally do not want to change the world. And I do not think it is possible. Although I feel to support Sadhguru´s campaign.

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