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The Endless Illusory Journey of Spiritual Seekers (Tulum, Mexico)

Unfortunately, when I meet people who are interested in spirituality, I see the same problems all the time: people are constantly in search of something, confused, unbalanced emotionally, uncertain, insecure, lonely, fearful, disconnected from what is around them. I was in the same situation for a long time.

Constantly searching for something more. I was living what I could define now as a "childish form" of spirituality: based on beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, ayahuasca, peyote, gurus, shamanic practices, and so on. The unfortunate situation nowadays is that the market is full of such things.

Businesses are growing in that direction. Everybody is a counselor, a couch, a guru, a shaman. But there is one thing that really troubles me, and I am not judging anybody here: Do not we realize that these forms of "fixing" our internal discomfort/search are temporary? And then the problems come back again.

We feel great for a few days because we go to visit a guru or because we take some kind of drug such as DMT, ayahuasca, peyote, etc...and then life goes back to normal, and we are miserable again because "the magic" is gone. I believe in taking responsibility. For sure, I am lucky because my spiritual search ended.

It was thanks to the combination of 2 factors: an intellectual investigation/explanation that goes to the core of the issue of "Who am I?" and a method to optimize myself on an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic level. In my case, these two things were the explanation of the "Wheel of Life" of Buddha that I have learned from my Buddhist teacher.

And the Nei Qi Gong system that I keep on learning and teaching as an authorized instructor of the Nei Qi Gong Fu school.The former gave me a clear and precise insight into the nature of the problem, of my mind, and the process that leads us to get lost in the dance of perceptions: internal ones (thoughts, emotions, and physical) and external ones (anything that goes through our senses).

The latter is an ancient and efficient technology that is able to optimize the human being to a very high degree: energetically, emotionally, physically, and mentally. The combination of the 2 brought about what I wish to everybody: the end of conflict and its natural consequence: IF THERE IS NO CONFLICT, THERE IS NO SEARCH!

What I share with my students and followers are these two tools that worked for me. Doing my best to pass them over correctly.

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