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Explaining My First Qi EMISSION - (FA GONG OR FA QI)

I have shared many times in my videos and blog posts that the goal of Nei Qi Gong is not to develop extraordinary powers and become superhuman. In fact, I discarded several times the importance of Fa Gong or Fa Qi (Qi Emission) over other aspects of the training and the path.

Up to that point, the words were coming from someone who had only experienced Qi Emission passively several times. However, now that I have reached that level in my Nei Qi Gong training and performed my first Qi Emission with the help of my teacher, I hope that my words will have a different impact on you.

Because Nei Qi Gong could be a wonderful tool, paired with the right approach, to develop as human beings beyond our personal limitations, called it "Ego" or identification with the body-mind, by merging energetically with the field of life, called it "God, infinite", whatever you like.

A couple of weeks ago I went to meet my teacher to learn and train for the 5th advanced program, only the 6th level is missing for me as far as completing the entire course. I went with one of my students from Greece, Thanasis, who became also an instructor of Nei Qi Gong on that occasion.

Although Shifu explained to me the 5th advanced program called LIANHE DANTIAN on that very day, he decided to make me do my first Qi Emission with Thanasis, the electric-type energy emission that you might have seen many times in the videos of my teachersThe LIANHE DANTIAN is the practice to unify the three Dan Tians using two particular energy circulations and a specific breathing technique.

The Fa Gong or Fa Qi (Energy Emission) is practiced at this stage. I was surprised by Shifu's choice as I was completely new to this program. With his help, I performed my first Qi Emission with Thanasis - you can watch a video on my Youtube channel where my student talks about it.

While I was performing the Fa Gong or Fa Qi I had a thought in mind saying "As I expected this is far less important than other things and changes I have experienced during the path!". For sure it is practical proof that the Nei Qi Gong path really works and that is able to take the vital energy level and mastery of this discipline to a very high degree.

The Qi Emission has some good applications such as helping somebody with health problems, helping students grow in the energy practice, and proving to others the immense vital energy force that can be developed with these practices.

However, the real deal about Nei Qi Gong is the internal human transformation that takes place during the entire journey!!

Growing vital energy to a high degree allows us to explore life beyond the seen, be in extremely good health, also on a mental and emotional level, and discover the real essence of who we are.

That should be the goal of a good practitioner! Practicing only for the "superpowers" will prevent us to discover something more. And that would be a shame!



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