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1 Month of Nei Qi Gong and My Horrible Back Pain is GONE!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Today Carlo shares with us his experience with Nei Qi Gong.

- J: Carlo tell us a little bit about yourself.

- C: I live in London, I work as a designer and a sound therapist in London.

- J: Which level of Nei Qi Gong are you practicing?

- C: I'm practicing the very first level at the moment, I've been practicing for about a month and a half now.

- J: Did you practice other forms of Qigong or energy practice before actually starting the Nei Qi Gong and if yes, what was your experience with these systems?

- C: I've tried everything! I think I started practicing kind of martial arts and yoga when I was in my early 20s, I'm 44 now. I've tried different types of Qigong, Tai Chi, different types of Yoga, and different types of meditations, I've been meditating for 20 years. My experience it's been, just like with everything, with some of them it was good some of them not so good.

But I wanted to get back into doing Qigong because I used to do it in class and I never actually li

ked doing it with other people because, as you say, I think it's a very introspective practice. I just want to do it on my own from home. I wanted something quite gentle to do in the morning. For me yoga doesn't work in the morning it's a bit too demanding for my body so, I wanted something a bit more gentle. I like Qigong and so I came across your video and I was like okay, let's try this out and see what happens!

- J: What benefits or improvements did the Nei Qi Gong system bring to your life?

- C: For me it was, like I said to you before, very surprising actually. I just wanted to do some exercise in the morning but I wasn't expecting any visible benefits. I've had some really horrible lower back pain for many, many years, I would say for like over 20 years, and they said I've got a degenerative disc disorder, I think a lot of people have especially if you're sitting down a lot for work.

The doctors just said that there's nothing I can do, I just have to manage the symptoms basically. So I used to get up every morning with lower back pain, I used to have pain in my feet as well until one morning I woke up and I had less pain. I was like: oh wow! And then the pain got less and less and now I can get up in the morning and I literally have almost zero pain and I'm up.

For me, it was really shocking because I didn't think I would ever, ever in my life not have pain in the morning so yeah, wow! Just after one month and a half of practicing every day the first lev

el of Nei Qi Gong.

- J: How has your experience of learning online been? Because many people get a little bit doubtful when they think to learn these practices online. I try to reassure them but of course, my words count very little!

- C: Well your instructions are very clear and very easy to follow. I'm one of those who actually prefers in-person learning but with you was really easy and the instructions and the handouts you gave us were very clear along with the video, so it's very easy to follow.

- J: If I remember correctly you started in a small group class?

- C: Yeah I think it was three of us, so it's a very small number and I felt like you gave each of us quite a bit of time.

- J: Yeah, also because I use a big screen so I can see the postures and I try to make sure that everybody follows along properly, so I keep an eye on the screen all the time and that's why I have a TV connected to my laptop when I do these classes. Last question: would you feel to suggest energy work to other people, and if yes why would you do that?

- C: Yeah, I have done it already, I've been recommending it to everybody! They see it with me as well because when I play the gong it's me and some friends and we carry a lot of weight; before they could see me struggling and now I've been telling them: look, I can lift, I can do things now! So I've been recommending it to everybody!

- J: Wow, that's amazing! So, before you were struggling to lift the gongs and carry weights and now everything seems to be easier!

- C: Yeah, I can do movements and I can hold weight! I said to you, it's changed how my body moves so it's changed how I see the world basically, I know It sounds silly!

- J: No, no it's not! Well, I'm very happy actually for you, first of all, that you're having these great results and also for the possibility of maybe other people with similar issues who could find relief in energy work.

Of course, it doesn't work in the same way for everybody but your testimonial so to speak, your experience could be inspiring for other people. I really thank this time together and I hope that you will keep going on improving your life in general. Really thank you for your time

Carlo.- J: Thank you, bye-bye.




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