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If We Take Ourselves Too Seriously, We Can Have Serious Problems

We think that our lives and our role in the universe are very important. If things do not go the way we want or if we go through difficulties and obstacles, we get upset and we make big problems out of it.

In reality, if we disappear from the planet earth right now, no one will notice it. We have probably the size of an infinite small bacteria compared to the size of the universe. And we are actually ruining our lives and make ourselves miserable because we are not happy with things around us. We are standing on a planet that is infinitely small compared to the size of the universe.

We are so small compared to the earth that even the biggest telescope will not find us on the surface of this planet. The earth is spinning in this infinite vacuum together with all the other galaxies and stars, and we make our lives miserable because things do not go the way we want. Isn't that just insignificant compared to the whole greatness of the cosmos?

That happens because we take our lives too seriously like we are big boys and girls on in the cosmos. But we are not, we are smaller than a grain of salt on a sandy beach. Although, we can get access to its whole totality, and that is the marvelous opportunity that we have by evolving and accessing the infinite.

When we take our lives, expectations, projections, thoughts too seriously, we are capable of multiplying the problems we have in our lives. From one issue, we manage to create 100, which is the power of the human mind. Creating some distance from our identifications with life can make miraculous improvements in the way we perceive things.

And we might recognize that we are a piece of the cosmos and that there are higher forces moving and regulating the whole system. At that stage, we can open up to life as a possibility rather than a business, where we lose or gain something.


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