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Learning Nei Qi Gong online (exercises & individual classes)

Starting the path of Nei Qi Gong online is possible. Thanks to technology you can learn all the 6 basic practices online with Jiaoshi Andrea and Shifu Costantino Valente.

We have noticed that is possible to teach these exercises via Zoom, to help people from any part of the world to become part of the Nei Qi Gong Fu school of Shifu. I am an instructor of this discipline.

The possibility of learning together is not a product or a video course on the web. It is an individual class where we meet on zoom. I use a Go-Pro and a professional microphone to deliver the best experience for my students.

And after the class, you receive study material, videos to memorize the exercises, and you have my assistance "for life". I am truly dedicated to teach Nei Qi Gong to my students and follow them during their path.

In fact, they call me or send messages on Whatsapp for instant replies and support for what they are doing, or sometimes they prefer email. Learning Nei Qi Gong online is not a product on the web, although it uses all the contemporary marketing tools such as advertising, social media, email list, and so on.

It is an honest way of helping people learn an ancient, effective, and unique path that can bring tremendous results in their life, and prepare them to do the advanced practices that are taught only in person, respecting the old tradition.

If you are interested in learning more and you want to schedule a video call together, this is my Whatsapp number +39 379 147 3204.


Jiaoshi Andrea

➤ Get Immediately 2 Basic Exercises, Body Alignment & Abdominal Breathing:


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