My goal of Nei Qi Gong is personal realization on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and energy level.

Nei Qi Gong is not about achieving "superpowers". It is true that the path is structured in a way that develops those abilities. But for me at least, the real deal is somewhere else.

I post these videos of Shifu Zhuo doing these "extraordinary" Qi manifestations to attract you! They are all real. But I want to tell you that the real gift is in what you do not see on those videos.

Mastering Qi to that level requires a total transformation of the human being on a mental, emotional, and physical level. That is what the path of Nei Qi Gong can do for you.

It is a tool of personal realization, that can lead you beyond the personal identification with the body-mind, and experiment a feeling of union with everything. That in words means nothing...But actually, it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a human being. Something that transforms life completely.

This is for me the real value of Nei Qi Gong. The experiential discovery of something more beyond my little Self (my body and my mind).