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My Way of Living the Corona Virus & Vaccine (Covid-19)

For most people this Covid-19 is a tragedy, for me it is just something that is happening in my life right now. And I have to deal with it as I deal with everything that happens every morning when I open my eyes (and many things do not go the way I want)

I understand that many people die from it, lose their jobs, have severe difficulties, and that is sad for sure. However, this thing would have been over if we would have done the right things, and it could still work out in a better way if we would be less compulsive in our thinking and acting in the world.

Unfortunately, the new God is money, so stopping the economy and closing down the world in a serious efficient way, looks impossible for most people. And even during the first wave, certain countries were kind of ignoring the consequences of leaving everything open, up, and running. Just to protect their economical strength.

I personally was one of the first people in my hometown, when we did not even know much about the consequences of Covid-19, to wear face masks even to go down to my music studio, 50 meters away from my doorstep. And I still wear the mask when I enter a shop, crowded places, or when it is needed.

However, I did not take any shot of the vaccine yet. For two reasons, I do not know what is in it, and we do not even know the consequences of it. Especially, because when it came out, it was explained that it acted in a different way than the usual vaccines: modifying something in our human body.

My choice of waiting is only possible for me because I tend to leave in isolation. Society is quite screwed :-) so I try to have minimal contact with it. And I was also planning to go and live up on the mountain while teaching Nei Qi Gong online. That was the idea.

However, I think it is seriously important that most people who are exposed to others get the shot. But mainly for one reason: we are not aware of how we move in space and the consequences of what we do. I have even seen people who had Covid-19 in the past acting in a very unresponsible way, putting at risk themselves and their close family members.

We do not learn even from our own mistakes, unfortunately. I personally think that this thing could have been handled in a better way, by my solutions are a little bit of a utopia in a world run by money and people who are not able to sit quietly. If we would be more aware we could handle this in a better way.

PS: These are just my opinions based on my life choices and conditions. I do not want to influence anybody to think in a specific way.



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