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The EXOTIC Spiritual TRIPS of the EGO

Unfortunately, it is very common to think that traveling to some East exotic location or meeting some fancy guru is going to fix our life. The truth of the matter is that this is one of the biggest illusions created by our ego.

First of all, the human mind is the same everywhere. Especially nowadays with the diffusion of technology human mind suffers the same schizophrenic disorders that we have in the West: obsession with money, constant distraction, selfishness, sorrow, desperation, lack of purpose, joy, and you name it.

The idea that an external agent or experience is going to be the solution to our problems and bring some piece is as futile as going out on Saturday night and drinking to not think of our problems.

They will come back again the next day. The same when we think that somebody or something external is going to be the ultimate fix for our disorder inside and outside.

I personally found, after having tried different approaches towards the problem of living "happily" so to speak, that neither a religion, a psychedelic experience, a guru, a spiritual community, or mystical books represent a real solution.

It is a childish way of playing with the problem without getting anywhere. We have to look at ourselves for what we are: our disorder, our unhealthy way of thinking, our selfish actions, the contradiction inside, and our sickness that generates this constant inner conflict and sense of separation from the world.

And we have to look at them with an open mind: ready to change, to revise what we do, seriously and not just mingling around with some mystical exotic beliefs.

Rather bringing order around ourselves and within ourselves. In my case, what really worked, and I think it is a practical powerful approach, was working with my foundations, with my body while keeping my integrity as the main guide of my actions.

Nei Qi Gong was truly a revelation for me. Because the issue here is that we are really distracted and we are not able or willing to see how we are generating our conflicts every second through our thinking and acting.

When practicing Nei Qi Gong and you pay full attention to some precise instructions that have nothing to do with imagination the body becomes stronger and healthier, the mind calmer and more disciplined, and emotions sweeter and more pleasant through the day.

This is really what is maturity in a spiritual/life search.

Only clarity and responsibility can bring big progressive change. Without working on ourselves constantly and practicing every day the bad habits will take over again.

And no guru or mystical experience can take you out of that shit.

Life becomes and remains a pain. And you are spinning on another wheel that leads nowhere: THE SPIRITUAL TRIP OF THE EGO!




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