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The Importance of Learning Qi Gong with a Teacher AND NO with Books!

It’s very important to study Nei Qi Gong, Qi Gong, or I think, any kind of discipline in general, with a teacher. The reason is very simple: when we talk about Qi Gong, for example, we might get into it intellectually, reading and fantasizing about things, maybe using a book or a YouTube video.

But the experience is what is really missing, and we don’t have anybody to verify our energy sensations. We are talking about something that is in reality quite complex and subtle at the beginning. Without a teacher, we might also imagine things based on what we read, in the sense that we read something and we create stories when in reality things could be different.

And also, without a teacher, it becomes a cold way to learn something; the warmth and the connection with the teacher are missing. In my case, I really like to work with my students. They know I am there when it’s needed, all the time.

The practices of Nei Qi Gong are not like Sunday Qi Gong exercises where we meet and we practice altogether - they are rather a more personal tool that needs to be applied in our daily life. As an advanced practitioner, I am in the position of verifying the sensations that somebody might bring to the table.

So having somebody that can verify your own understanding based on the fact, like in my case, that I have walked this path and I know how certain things will evolve, gives the possibility to move on the path not just intellectually but more practically by building one’s knowledge based on personal experience.

Not storytelling, not somebody telling stories about something. It’s us finding something out, with a skeptical mind. This is what I encourage people to do - with their mind and the system itself: just practice like a scientist. When you see that something repeats itself it means that you are finding a hint for an understanding of this layer of reality and yourself. And at that moment, Nei Qi Gong students contact me and I verify their experiences. This kind of approach allows oneself to be at the center of his life and not to look for things outside, a guru, or the next intellectual idea or spiritual story.

Nei Qi Gong is a very independent path as it should be in any kind of real path of self-development. It is all about us, it’s about working with our minds, with our own experiences to later build practical knowledge about what we are finding out for ourselves. It is also nice to work with a teacher because, as I said, it’s cold to read and learn from a book.

That kind of encouragement, that kind of friendly connection, that kind of talk that goes even beyond the fact that we are working with this discipline, represents a very relevant aspect. The world doesn’t encourage us to be better human beings. Having somebody that you can relate with, in a friendly and respectful way, and discuss also other things, can also be a useful and interesting connection. And not feeling lonely on the spiritual path.

It’s nice to have this kind of connection and to investigate together, in this case with Nei Qi Gong, what we are, to improve ourselves and have a better human experience and possibly to get to a point - which is what I wish to all my students - to be FREE. That means to become responsible for yourself, in the sense that if you look at yourself and you work with yourself there is no need for stories outside to tell you about a better world, a better life, or an afterlife. You find for yourself what is real and you can live your life independently.

That’s why I encourage people to find a good teacher; it doesn’t have to be me or it doesn’t have to be a Qi Gong teacher. Somebody that you can relate to and create a good connection with this person.

Sometimes working with a teacher is not easy because we can see all our rubbish as he works a bit like a trigger, like a mirror of our craziness. That’s why I decide not to accept everybody as my student.

If we have the right attitude, we understand that we are just human beings, that we don’t know everything, and we have the right attitude to learn from somebody, then we can receive some very effective tools to do the work for ourselves.


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