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The Old Way Is Getting Lost in Modern Qi Gong & Martial Arts

In modern times, many spiritual paths are getting a weird twist. I am not only referring to the effectiveness and seriousness of many paths, which would be a big topic in itself.

Unfortunately, due to the “marketing era” and the easy way of becoming teachers and coaches on a particular subject, the real essence of many serious tools is getting lost.

Together with these huge issues, another more subtle problem is becoming bigger and bigger, which is arrogance and lack of respect among human beings. Back in the day, there was a strong and respectful relationship between students and teachers.

If we think about the old Chinese way of learning martial arts or any kind of similar training, the relationship with the teacher was very important. In fact, there was a strong selection amongst the many pretenders to allow only a few really suitable ones to get started in the practice.

Unfortunately, modern society is becoming less and less infused with moral values and strong ideals. The individualistic approach is dominating, together with a selfish goal-oriented attitude, and an intellectual arrogance of “knowing things” very quickly.

These plagues of modern society are also affecting the traditional way in which Qi Gong and martial arts are being learned nowadays. It is easy to go on Youtube, follow some videos, and learn some external shapes. As well as going on many websites and buying a video course to learn these disciplines.

However, the old relationship between students and teachers is almost missing, which is a huge and important part of one’s training and an element of growth on one’s path. It is true that never like today is so easy to get access to teachings that were available only to the few lucky ones in the past.

However, the lack of moral values and ideals can turn these tools into something that goes against the common good, even for the practitioner following using these tools. For instance, the Nei Qi Gong path does not ensure on its own our personal and spiritual development in the right direction.

Nei Qi Gong is an amplifier of who were are. For this reason is very important to have the right perspective, which I try to share all the time with my students. Otherwise, our ego might become bigger only because we think to know or we have reached certain capabilities in the training.

This would defeat the purpose of the practice, and turn our energy growth into something potentially bad for ourselves and others. This is the reason why I try to make a small selection amongst my students, to make sure that the motivating goal of starting the path is pure and that we are on the same page.

It is really hard teaching when the cup is already full. Maybe because we have read some books, or taken things superficially, or think that only because somebody is younger than us it cannot be wise and knowledgable like a teacher with white hair!

If I might give you my suggestion, I think that martial arts, qi gong, and spiritual training, should be oriented towards a very simple goal: evolving and becoming better human beings (which also means seeing our limitations and our shadows), being humble and realizing that life is much bigger than ourselves and we are just little bit of dust in it, and becoming simple human beings.




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