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The Power Of Discipline: Qi Gong Routine

Life takes us through ups and downs constantly, and we cannot control it. However, we can optimize our system (body, mind, emotion, vital energy) to work for us, rather than against us. Putting us in the condition of dealing with anything we experience in life in a better way.

The stronger we become, the more we are able to deal with what life throws at us. I understand that discipline might sound like a terrible word that creates a certain degree of pressure and lack of freedom on ourselves.

However, in my personal experience, I realized that the opposite is true: having a consistent Nei Qi Gong practice allows me to have the right conditions and mindset to direct my life the way I want it, no matter what.

Not allowing emotions, thoughts to change the way I feel, has been a big improvement. My life has become more stable. Although external situations keep on changing, my internal stability keeps on growing.

I am someone who deeply loves freedom, which has always been the criteria in my life to make my decisions, not money, or fame, or anything else. Freedom cannot exist if there is no clarity in someone's mind. We are slaves of ourselves. And a little bit of "forced discipline", in the beginning, is able to free us from that invisible cage.

For example, even when things are going fine, we manage to screw them up with our compulsive thinking and fluctuating emotions. The power of consistent internal practice (it does not have to be Qi Gong or Nei Qi Gong) has the power to reorganize the entire human system.

In this sense, if I do a little bit of work every day to optimize the vehicle that I am using to experience the world (body, mind, emotion, energy) what I am capable to achieve and the way that I respond to any situation will change.

Nei Qi Gong is not about achieving some special "superpowers". It would be silly to practice only for that goal. But rather to learn tools that can be used in daily life that put us in control of ourselves and allow us to achieve our full potential.

Although my life keeps on changing significantly, I know that if I do a Nei Qi Gong practice every day it helps dramatically the way that I deal with life and increases the freedom that I have to choose what I want to do. It gives me clarity, balances my emotions, increases my vital energy.

Sometimes I do it in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night, it does not matter. I always find a space to do it because I know what it does. It is not a rule, it is a choice!



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