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Transform Your Innermost Negative Emotions with Internal Alchemy

Anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation are dysfunctional states very common nowadays due to the lifestyle that we live. The fast "evolution" of our species, the technological development, the social instability, and the extreme quantity of stimulus that we are exposed to are making these issues more prominent.

Nei Qi Gong can be very helpful in solving and addressing these human issues. At a very simple level, the fact that we are disciplining ourselves with a daily routine brings already some sort of improvement. However, it is important that first of all, we understand the causes of these issues.

The human being can be divided into three main aspects: mental, emotional, and physical.

The root of these human unbalances has to be correctly understood. In fact, they mostly originate within the mind field. Emotions are generated by a particular way of thinking and seeing life, which basically means our interpretations: our ideas. From the emotional level then we move our actions in the world or manifest those bad feelings in the body, which take the form of some other kind of illnesses.

In this way, we can define an order within these 3 human aspects, giving priority to one of them: first, we have the mind; then, we have the emotions, then we have the body.

In a state of sanity, these 3 elements work nicely together, in what can be described as a state of flow: there are no conflicts amongst them, our expression in the world happens effortlessly.

However, when we suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other emotional unbalances it means that these 3 aspects are not working together harmoniously. The mind, the emotions, and the body are connected to the 3 main Dan Tians or energy centers in our body.

Each Dan Tian has a specific purpose and/or task: the mind is related to the higher Dan Tian, the emotions to the middle Dan Tian, and the body to the Lower Dan Tian. Balancing and empowering these 3 main energy centers is the goal of the Nei Qi Gong practice. Real internal alchemy leads to a transformation, for the better, of the human being.

We might suffer from anxiety, depression, and low states for several reasons. There might be a lack of vital energy (Qi) in ourselves. The three aspects are unbalanced: there is too much thinking and emotions, so the third Dan Tian is lacking. For instance, this scenario leads to confusion, bad feelings, and low energy level.

There could be blockages in our body created by our emotional unbalances which are preventing the flow of Qi in the body. As well as other causes.

Working with Nei Qi Gong helps us dwell in the present moment and lead us to discover a state of "no-mind interference": we discover and dwell into a deeper state of ourselves, which creates balance and relaxation.

Nei Qi Gong practices also improve the flow of Qi in the body, remove blockages, and takes vital energy to a very high degree empowering the 3 energy centers. It provides us discipline and the ability to not "be ruled" by our thinking. It balances the 3 Dan Tians, with practical reflections in real life.

It is an amazing tool, like many others available, which is practically able to bring order to our lives!

The most important thing is PRACTICING!

if you are thinking to improve your life circumstance through Qi Gong, it can be an amazing choice!

However, my personal suggestion is NOT TO READ AND FANTASIZE ABOUT QI, PRACTICE! that is the only REAL WAY!




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