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The Best Chinese Longevity Exercise: "Xing Shen Zhuang Gong"

The Xing Shen Zhuang Gong is the first level in the system of Nei Qi Gong, created by Shifu Costantino Valente. In some schools of Qi Gong, it is the only system used. Because it is really complete, and it is considered the best Chinese practice for longevity.

With this first basic practice in the Nei Qi Gong path, we begin the study of a form of Qi Gong which comes from the Emei Shan tradition, which has multiple objectives. Physically, it unlocks the circulation of energy through postural exercises that open the individual joints and free the meridian pathways. Some of these exercises can be physically intense.

It is "the method of the reunification of the Shen, the formless, the spirit that aspires to heaven, in the Xing, the container, the form, the framework." A clear indication of how Qi Gong cannot ignore an important relationship between the animating energy and the animated body.

This apparently basic work is actually a complex system of exercises in which the mind directs Qi at key points in the Chinese energetic system, which are physically stimulated by specifically designed postures.The practice of the true Nei Qi Gong leads to a relocation of the entire energy system to the Dan Tian, ​​the area below the navel, seen as a Qi reserve, a gold reserve to use in case of need or if launched towards higher goals of self-realization.


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