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Dian Qi Gong - Using Electricity To Charge The Dan Tian Faster!

Always attentive to the possibility of absorbing and exchanging energy from natural elements, some Chinese teachers have studied the possibility of using electricity as an energy source in the last century, seeing and observing how, in fact, the most evident manifestation of Qi in those who have the ability to do the Fa Qi (to emit Qi), were a sensation of electric current flowing in the body.

This method, kept secret for a long time, produces:

- An acceleration of the processes of accumulation of Qi

- Achieving a high level of control over the entire nervous system, and being able to control even involuntary contraction of muscles even under electrical or pain stimulation

At the end of the practicing period, the practitioner can remain connected to electricity even at 220 Volts during the practice, without suffering any damage. A method will be taught to do healing treatments using "finger electrical pressure".

Through physical contact between people, it will be possible to transmit appropriate electrical stimulation in specific points that activates the healing processes, which are decisive for many diseases.

This system is used in some Chinese hospitals by experienced Qi Gong masters, and it has been an important healing system for a long time.

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