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Do Not Learn Qi Gong from Books & Videos!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Learning Qi Gong from books or videos that we find on the web might lead us in the wrong direction: not bringing any practical result or in the worst scenario even causing harm to ourselves. The only way to learn safely and effectively is to follow a teacher that can guide us in the process of learning by verifying our sensations and understanding.

A teacher is just an advanced practitioner of the particular subject that we are trying to learn. There is no need to "invent the wheel", if somebody before us has done it already.

The path of investigation Qi Gong can be really difficult to do on our own, if not impossible. We are working on a level to the reality that is not straightforward. Our senses at the beginning are not even sensitive to that. It means basically going blind to a very complex subject.

There is a specific technology in Qi Gong and it cannot be fully understood by watching a Qi Gong video or a book. For a few reasons: when we watch somebody practicing certain forms we do not know what is going on inside their body. Repeating and imitating certain forms that we watch will not give us the full perspective of the technology behind it.

We might practice for years and have no result or, in the worst scenario, we might even unbalanced aspects of ourselves.Reading books about Qi Gong and trying to replicate and grasp the experiences reported might lead us to an illusory place. We have to remember that there is a huge difference between words and the actual experience of something.

When we read a book we create ideas about its content according to our imagination and background. We cannot live an experience by reading about it. Like there is a huge difference between talking of jumping in the water and the actual action. To complicate the situation even further is that most of the Qi Gong available worldwide and on the web has lost its true source or it does not have a lineage at all.

Because nowadays, anybody who attends 200-hour training can become a Qi Gong teacher in a few weeks. Or in the worst scenario, somebody might come up with their own exercises or feel entitled to teach to others only because he or she has a bi intellectual knowledge of Qi Gong by acquired by reading books or watching some Youtube videos.

My suggestion is to be skeptical about this practice. Because Qi Gong can be a very powerful thing that can transform the way we perceive ourselves and our bodies in our daily life. Make sure to investigate who you are learning from? Is there a lineage behind it? are they able to go beyond the intellecutal aspect and demonstrate something to you?

Good luck with your research and your Qi Gong practice!



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