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Is There Really a Meaning to Life?

In this video I will try to address probably the most impossible question: what is the meaning of life?

This was a question that used to bother me a lot, creating lots of issues in my life. While a Buddhist practitioner, I always asked myself questions like: Why is life so painful? Why don’t things go the way I want? I was trying to make sense out of life, of its purpose, and my role in it.

These are questions that keep us occupied all our life; they create conflict, blame, and sorrow. We try to understand things like scientists, analyzing and rationalizing, trying to find a meaning for everything.

But the need for an explanation to the meaning of life is actually the very issue that creates all the discomfort.

It is the cause of the psychological movement created by a thought and a need which cannot be satisfied by an intellectual answer.

There is no meaning to life, I think, rather than to just live it.

Peacefully, joyfully, spontaneously.

This happens when we free ourselves from the layers of conditioning - family, society, work, external factors, and all our internal thinking involved with that - which create friction and suffering in ourselves.

At that point we end up looking for a solution and we become “spiritual” to fix our existence! But the problem is within us and in the way we perceive things, not out there.

The pressing question of the meaning of life can be quite consuming in my opinion, especially because we have a tendency of digging and understanding things intellectually and this creates more ideas and more conflict.

We should come to a more practical way of approaching ourselves and life to live this mystery with the awareness that it’s an illusion.

In my personal experience, I discovered that the way was to improve myself and create a little distance from my perceptions and from life, while I kept living it in all its multitude and material aspects, aware that everything vanishes and is subject to change.

With meditation and inner work we can create a distance from our thoughts and our perceptions and realize that while all the outer things are in constant change, the fact that we are alive is always there.

If you can handle your inner processes more and more, you can respond better to the outside world, approaching anything in a more constructive way. In that way we become more inclusive, we include more things in our lives rather than just ourselves.

And if I can come to a point that I can relax to the extent of not looking for further meanings, then everything becomes meaningful.


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