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Kill The Guru: Look Life Horizontally

The biggest problem that we all have is that we do not think and see according to our own perspective. We see gurus, experts, teachers, as the ones who hold the truth. And we underestimate ourselves and our own possibility to experience and see things clearly for ourselves.

We create images of people and things around us. Without taking into consideration that maybe what we see is actually a distorted perception of what things truly are. Instead of approaching any human being influenced by the position he or she has in society, we should train ourselves of seeing things horizontally.

Without lowering ourselves or making ourselves "bigger" according to the person we interact with. Such approach has an immense value. We avoid putting ourselves down for not being good enough. And we avoid putting someone else down because we feel more than we are. This approach encourages equanimity.

If we are here on earth as a human being means that we have not reached perfection. Everybody is a work in progress. By understanding that, we can take the best that everybody has to offer, recognizing also our own imperfection, and working towards becoming better human beings.

In the world of spiritual teachers or life coaches, we tend to believe that someone else has to do the work for us. That someone else is more capable of resolving our life. When, if we would become more mature, independent, and responsible, we will find out that there is no need for anybody to say what to do.

We could take our life into our hands, and walk the path of life without listening to anybody else. And without creating the dangerous process of dependency that never allows students to become his or her own teacher. In the path that I teach of Nei Qi Gong, I encourage skepticism, and a scientific and responsible approach, because a student needs to make his or her experience, and my role as a teacher is to provide the tools and to offer support when needed.

I truly believe that a good teacher will never make his or her students dependent. But rather, encouraging them to become 100% makers of their own knowledge and life.



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