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Qi Gong Exercises, Prana Therapy, Chakras...Are they effective?

Talking about energy, chakras, mystical energy, and so on...It is probably the worst way of underestimating the existence of a powerful vital force which is at the base of life itself. Some people have little sensations in the body during their reiki practices, qi gong exercises, prana therapy, and chakra healing sessions, and they call those things energy. It is really a shame!...

I am not saying that those sensations are not real. I am saying that they are probably the peak of the iceberg. And that if we think that the vital energy is so low and subtle, we are probably missing out a great opportunity to discover something that can drastically change our lives, on any level.

In fact, one of the most common issue in the spiritual field, it is going after intellectual understanding of things or imagining things that are not real - I do not know which one of the two is worst??!!...

In the field of energetic practices, it is rare to find people who have really lived on their skin the existence of the vital energy, sometimes also called "bio-electricity" or Qi (Chinese word that means energy).

If you are interested into this topic, I suggest you watch the video I recorded above, and I invite you to comment below any questions you might have about it.


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