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Qi Gong Teacher: Isolate yourself from the ground

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

There is a lot of confusion on the web about Qi Gong's best practices. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that many Qi Gong exercises we find on the web do not come from proven systems, taught and shared by teachers who have an actual experience of Qi Gong principles.

Nowadays, anybody reading a Qi Gong book feels entitled to give suggestions on how to practice to others. Sometimes in the wrong way. This is due to the fact that the topic of energy and spirituality has become an enormous new age circus, based on imagination and beliefs, rather than on an actual experience of Qi (vital energy).

It is true that it is very difficult to find the right teachings because in the middle of this ocean of ignorance and marketing, most of the time win who sells best. And people like to be told stories. The imagination journey seems to be more intriguing for those who want to quickly "feel Qi" rather than applying the right discipline to it.

But I do not blame anybody for this. It is just the way things are. And because many people do not even know the real potential of a good Qi Gong practice, they probably feel entitled to give suggestions because the conversation in any case stays only on the intellectual level. Since the real experience of Qi has almost been lost: the powerful Qi demonstration that a real teacher is able to give to his/her students.

On the Facebook groups, sometimes I see people giving wrong suggestions that even go beyond the purpose of the practice itself. It is very difficult nowadays to keep people grounded and down to earth. And the few times that I have tried to post in there, I got banned. I have the feeling that there is a lobby behind these groups.

And that administrators are sometimes afraid that they might lose the business or the role of teachers. An efficient Qi Gong system such as the Nei Qi Gong is able to bring our energy level far beyond what we commonly believe is possible. This is one of the reasons why the Qi emissions of Nei Qi Gong masters look almost unreal, unless you are actually present, experiencing them first hand.

As Nei Qi Gong's teacher, my students know how important it is to isolate ourselves from the ground. If our goal is to accumulate/cultivate Qi in the Lower Dan Tian. It is just a principle of life, in the same way, that we have laws of physic. There is only one condition when we practice Nei Qi Gong barefoot: when we are standing on a wooden floor. For all other circumstances, we put good shoes on during our practice.



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