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The Importance of Breathing in the Nei Qi Gong system

Many of my students are surprised when I say that in the Nei Qi Gong path, in the beginning, we don’t pay too much attention to the way we breathe. If we go on the web or on youtube, we see many people who talk about the importance of breathing in Qi Gong practices.

This video can be quite interesting even for my Nei Qi Gong students, for the ones who’ve asked about the importance of breath, and for people who are new to the Nei Qi Gong system so that they can understand how it works. For sure, breathing plays a very important role in Qi Gong.

However, not at the beginning of the Nei Qi Gong system. In the beginning, there is already so much to do: especially in the first level, we are not aware of ourselves that much to pay attention to the different aspects of the practice such as how the body is standing, how the mind is moving, and the way we are executing the exercises.

Honestly speaking, the breath doesn’t matter that much. It’s true that when we learn the first practice of the Nei Qi Gong system, we also learn two preparatory exercises, one of which is about breathing in a certain way to activate the parasympathetic system that helps us to calm ourselves down so that we can enter in a good state, and then we can start the 15 exercises of the sequence.

These exercises are quite complex because they are many, although they are simple at the same time. So in this sense, paying attention to the breath becomes even more difficult because we are not used to working with the body. Having said that, the more we move forward into the path of the Nei Qi Gong, the more breath starts playing a more important role, for instance in the 5th and 6th levels.

In fact, through certain breathing techniques, we build the Dantien - the lower Dantien, below the navel inside the body - which will be our “tank” to store the vital energy (Qi). Later on, when we move to the Nei Qi Gong’s advanced levels, breathing in a certain way becomes vital to condense and push the qi in specific areas of the body.

That’s why in the Nei Qi Gong system, in the beginning, it is not needed to pay too much attention to the way we breathe but later on, it becomes actually one of the key elements to work with vital energy in a very powerful way.


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