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The Mystery of Qi Sensations: What You Need to Know!

Almost all Chinese holistic therapies, martial arts, and spiritual and longevity practices are based on "Qi": the vital energy that flows into the meridians (channels) of the body and regulates its fundamental functions, which determine health, strength, psychophysical well-being, longevity, and consciousness.

The problem is that Qi is generally still an abstract concept because the practices taught - in the West but also in the East, from Qi Gong to Tai Chi and Reiki - are based on the mechanical repetition of movements and/or physical sensations that are too light.

The Nei Qi Gong, on the other hand, has kept the original practices intact and allows a quick direct Qi experience, with benefits from the first weeks.

The goal is to accumulate more Qi than you need for your health so that you are not only well, but (if you wish) use the surplus to:

  • helping others through deep and often decisive therapies and treatments

  • evolving spiritually by accessing higher states of consciousness (the so-called "spiritual Qi", Ling Qi, which is called at the top of the head)

  • bringing martial arts (of any style) to their fullest potential


The reality of Qi sensations is a quite complex topic. Especially in the beginning Qi sensations are quite unstable. We might experience some tingling or some warmth in our hands. And that is normal and possible due to the work that we are doing.

Unfortunately, because very few people know the actual full potential of Qi Gong or Nei Gong, we generally tend to think that this is it! We are experiencing Qi!

Those light sensations might appear during our practice from time to time. However, it really takes time before we will be able to make sense of those vital energy sensations. Only when they become stable and we reach a certain level of skill in our Nei Gong or Qi Gong practice we might start to understand its dynamics.

It is too easy to talk about meridians, Qi, Jing, and Shen on those Facebook groups or read and fantasize about them.

What is the point?

What is the point of listening to somebody on Youtube entertaining us with his or her Qi sensations and explanations?

We want to experience them firsthand.

The only way to do that is to practice and find out for ourselves!

I really discouraged practitioners from going intellectually about Nei Gong or Qi Gong for two reasons: we might find so much nonsense in these Facebook groups because most of the time these explanations come from people reading texts or browsing on the web and copying and pasting them to look cool and knowledgable.

In my opinion, serious practitioners do not do that! Because they know that such understanding might come after years of practicing. It is a never-ending work that does not have any concept attached to it. Our mind divides and analyzes things!

They are also aware (this is the second reason why I think it is harmful to read about Qi sensations) that is not good to bring ideas into our Nei Gong or Qi Gong practice.

If we are doing a serious Nei Gong or Qi Gong practice that really works, it will bear its fruits. If not, it either means that we have to change the system we are following or practice more diligently!

Bringing conclusions and ideas into our Nei Gong or Qi Gong practice not only does not allow us to stay objective in our research but also brings the great risk of "coloring" the instructions that we have received from our teacher with our expectations.

And basically, diminishing their effectiveness or producing something that we do not want!

We are exploring an aspect of life that is highly influenced by our mind and our state of consciousness and we might not get the results that the practice is meant to give us.

In my opinion, it is better not to know and find out for ourselves with the help of a teacher who is more experienced than us to check whether we are moving in the right direction with our Nei Gong or Qi Gong practice or just fantasizing and misleading ourselves into a fairy tale of Qi sensations!

Have a good skeptical practice!





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