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What Is Nei Qi Gong? The Truth Behind the Strong Qi Manifestations of Shifu Zhou...

"If you are interested in Qi Gong, life energy and other forms of energy practices, you may have heard of Nei Qi Gong. This method created by Shifu Costantino Valente probably represents the fastest and safest way to cultivate Qi (vital energy) at a very high level. To such an extent that it allows practitioners to visibly emit and demonstrate the existence of this powerful hidden energy in the human body.

Shifu Zhou (one of the masters of Shifu Costantino Valente) has the ability to demonstrate the existence of Qi in a very powerful and natural way. His videos are truly impressive. It is capable of emitting powerful Qi emissions in front of hundreds of people. From lighting a fire with his bare hands to moving objects at a distance, from treating even deep imbalances to the transmission of strong electric shocks of Qi, ideal for immediately experiencing energy.

These videos attract the attention of many people who want to learn these techniques. However, I always tell my students that there is a greater benefit that Nei Qi Gong is able to bring to their lives, which cannot be seen in the videos. To be able to master Qi, a profound change in the entire human structure is required, which opens up the possibility of great human growth and the possibility of transcending the known.

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