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What is Qi? Does vital energy really exist? How can Nei Qi Gong help you grow it in a visible way?

Many people talk about energy and energetic practices such as Reiki, Prana therapy, and other forms of energetic practices. It is a field that rightfully brings a lot of skepticism and doubts about the existence of vital energy in the human body.

The reason is mainly due to the fact that many people talk about this stuff but only a few people are actually able to demonstrate its existence. Most of the time, the sensations created by these practices are very low, that could easily be imagined.

First of all, why is it important to accumulate and grow energy (Qi) in your body? The reasons are different, and they really depend on the type of interest that you have in your life. You might have seen those Shaolin monks performing incredible body exercises: breaking stones, bending blades, and all those types of stuff. 

All those things that to the eye of somebody who does not know experientially what Qi is, can result in unreal and impossible things. In reality, one of the different application of Qi energy is strengthening the body to a level that makes possible for a human being to break a stone without being injured by it, by moving the internal concentration of Qi into a particular part of the body.

Another application of Qi can be found in the therapeutic field. Qi or vital energy is the base that supports the entire human system from its more material manifestation (bones, muscles, and so on), to more subtle things such as emotions and thoughts, to more subtle spiritual energies.

Strengthening your Qi to a high level and accumulate more vital energy of what you actually need, put you in a position to emit your energetic surplus on somebody else, to restore the physical and energetic balance.

Very few are the teachers around the world who are capable of doing that, and the paths of Nei Qi Gong has been carefully designed to bring students to that level, through a gradual system that is able to develop such abilities.

When a Nei Qi Gong teacher emits its Qi on somebody, there are no doubts about the fact that it can be felt or not. The energetic transmission is so strong that you jump from the chair, and the experience cannot be denied or imagined.

Strengthening Qi and accumulating a high level of energy is possible through the Nei Qi Gong path, which now can be learned also online. And it requires dedication and effort from the student, and a daily amount of time dedicated to the practice.

Another application or benefit of growing Qi resides on accelerated spiritual growth. To grow spiritually we need energy, a strong mind, and emotions under control. The benefit of practicing Nei Qi Gong resides on the fact that is a practice that works on the entire human level, 360 degrees.

While strengthening the body and allowing the circulation of vital energy, the path works on the human being changing completely the natural functioning of the mind and the emotions, and bring students to experience directly those mystical experiences that are told in spiritual books, without believing into something.

Nei Qi Gong is a path of total transformation that goes from the invisible root of the human being and nature, the vital energy, and grow like a flower within different levels of the human being, changing the individual completely for the better.

Hearing or talking about chakras is one thing. However, when we start to experience directly their functioning and develop the ability to move the vital energy, things become practical and real.

If you are interested in learning Nei Qi Gong, now it is possible to do it online. You only need dedication and a certain degree of discipline to see yourself the possibility that this ancient practice can bring into your life.

The path of Nei Qi Gong has been created by Shifu Costantino Valente who was able to condense the knowledge he received from his Thailand and Chinese masters into a practical and simple system to learn, that anyone can practice. 

Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni Ayan is a direct student of Shifu Costantino Valente, who is directly authorized himself to teach these practices online. 

For more info email to or WhatsApp 0039 379 147 3204 Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni Ayan


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