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Qi Gong Exercise: Proof Of A Force Stronger Than Muscles (Qi Energy)

There is one force in the human body that is not based on muscles. That increases with time, rather than decaying with aging. This strength/force is not based on contracting the muscles. On the contrary, it is based on relaxation and filling up the body with this "mysterious thing", that Chinese people called "Qi or Vital Energy".

We could say intellectually that this energy is everywhere, all around us. That it manifests itself, in various forms Yang Qi or Ying Qi, or Jing, Ji, and Shen. However, talking intellectually about it or embracing any kind of belief system will not make us experience its true essence. Nowadays, many people practice and talk about Qi Gong.

Unfortunately, most of the time intellectually or in a very vague way. But only a few are actually able to show the existence of this energy to others. The real, strong, and powerful experience of Qi that a Master was used to transfer to his students seems to be almost lost.

I was lucky enough to have found the Nei Qi Gong system of Shifu Costantino Valente, which contains teachings from two great and rare masters, Shifu Luo and Shifu Zhou. After few years, I become an instructor of this discipline. It still amazes me how the sensation of Qi energy keeps on growing and all the possibilities and benefits that come with it.

I was very surprised since the beginning when Shifu showed me the simple exercises that I am demonstrating in this video. With a simple visualization and relaxation, I discovered at the beginning of my Qi Gong path, that there was something more in my body that I did not know. It is a very simple exercise that you can try with your friends, and I am sure that you will be surprised to discover a powerful strength in your body that does not require any training, experience, and effort.

This aspect of reality called Qi, explored in Qi Gong practices, is what we develop to a very high level in the path of Nei Qi Gong, as you can see from the videos on my website - in a concrete and visible way, for health, martial arts, spiritual growth, and healing others.



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