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Spiritual Business: Taking Advantage of Our Ignorance

Spirituality has become a mess nowadays and let’s be frank about this: we’re cheating each other!

It’s a shame and it’s sad to see people that do business out of something they don’t really know anything about. They take advantage of people’s confusion, fragility, and insecurity.

Unfortunately this happens quite often.

The web is full of spiritual retreats of all kinds: for the feminine, the masculine, ayahuasca retreat, and so on.

A popular one is the tantra retreat where people are masturbating themselves thinking they’re doing something greater than that!

This can be a quite misleading path and with little awareness, we might waste many years of our life. We may continue to entertain ourselves in the spiritual playground for years, playing like kids just with the portion of our psychological minds.

But unfortunately, until things stay at the psychological level, we can go to the therapist all our life. Things will never be solved. The therapist will make a lot of money and we’ll be stuck at the same point.

This is like trying to trim a tree leaf by leaf instead of trying to get to the root of it.

I’m not blaming anybody here. I am pointing to the superficiality of how things are carried on and how marketing is putting spiritual topics in a very appealing way.

It’s easy to manipulate a confused person - that’s why society doesn’t encourage freedom.

But this is dangerous and in my opinion, it creates more knots within ourselves. We’re wasting money, time, resources, and we’re getting the wrong view about some rubbish concepts like “enlightenment” or “divine” which are thrown out there in a very simple and careless way.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing erroneous in developing a spiritual business as we all need to sustain ourselves.

What I think it’s disturbing is how we get manipulated by it.

I believe the best way to learn something is from somebody who has a history behind it, like in the case of old traditions where teachings are carried on for a long time and have been proved to work until these days.

These times require more awareness than ever as we’re playing with big tools, like the web, with little awareness.

I suggest doing some research before you enter into some kind of spiritual journey, question if something has actually some kind of validity, and always enquire within yourself rather than relying on the external.

You might even get to the point where you’ll feel it will be more productive to stay at home doing nothing rather than being involved in some kind of spiritual circus!



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