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The Activation of the "Third Eye" or Shang Dan Tian in the Nei Qi Gong system

In many spiritual traditions the Third Eye, also called Shang Dan Tian in our system, plays a very important role in the process of one's own spiritual evolution. There is some confusion about it, due to the fact that spirituality has lost its strength as it has become widely available, creating lots of misconceptions about it.

In the Nei Qi Gong school, we talk of three main energy centers: Lower Dan Tian, Middle Dan Tian, Higher Dan Tian. Each of these centers has very specific functions. In other systems that work with vital energy, we can find certain similarities because vital energy is one. In fact, each system has its own approach to it.

If you have been following my Youtube channel, my website, or social media, you might have done that because you saw some Qi demonstrations (Fa Qi or Fa Gong) by some of the Nei Qi Gong masters. These external manifestations are very powerful and, for sure, they represent a proof that the Nei Qi Gong system works, and is able to grow your energetic level.

However, and my students know this, I always say that there is a greater possibility, in my opinion, that could be discovered related to more subtle manifestations of Qi. When we talk about Qi, we are referring to the same energy regardless of the different kinds of manifestations.

Whether we talk about Jing, Qi, Shen, Yang, Yin...we are always referring to one thing: the vital energy. We just call it with different names according to its various characteristics. Many people are easily impressed by the Fa Gong or Fa Qi: by the ability of these teachers to emit their vital energy outside their bodies.

However, as I always say, that is just the peak of the iceberg of internal transformation that takes place in the practitioner. In fact, to be able to do those things a high level and mastery of Qi is required.What I found really interesting in the path was the possibility of working with the subtle manifestations of Qi.

When the Shan Dan Tian or Higher Dan Tian is activated through a specific practice that we do in the path of Nei Qi Gong, called Ling Qi, we might discover an entire universe opening up.The function of the Shang Dan Tian or Third Eye is to put us in contact with subtle energies.

This connection speeds up the process of spiritual growth of the practitioner. This might also lead to experiencing blissful and ecstatic states that are very hard to put into words. Another role that this energy center plays is to help us gather and condense energy in our Dan Tian.

The Shang Dan Tian or Third Eye is also responsible for developing a high sense of intuition, a connection with a higher intelligence not related to the mental processes. It is also a center responsible for clarity in our mind and for insights and gives the possibility to the practitioner to broaden his or her perception of life in general.



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