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The Miraculous Benefits of the Xing Shen Zhuang Gong

The Xing Shen Zhuang Gong is the most "physical" practice of Nei Qi Gong because it consists of 15 exercises that unlock the joints, improve posture and relaxation, strengthen the body and health, enhance concentration and self-awareness, and begin to increase and make energy flow in the body.

All the following practices are built on this because they rely on a body that is as healthy, energetic, strong, open, and balanced as possible.

That's why the Xing Shen Zhuang Gong is not only the first step of the path but an extraordinarily complete practice in itself.

It is the best Chinese exercise for health and longevity: some Qi Gong schools teach and practice only these exercises.

Also because the benefits involve the whole human being: body, energy, emotions, and mind.

  • From the physical point of view: the 15 positions are similar to a deep massage that strengthens and relaxes the head, then the neck, then the shoulders, the back, the arms, the diaphragm, the pelvis, and the legs, opening the individual joints, eliminating pain and tension (cause of disease) and leaving a pleasant sensation of strength, dynamism, and well-being.

  • From an energetic point of view: the exercises unlock the energy circulation (freeing the pathways of the meridians), and develop an awareness of key body points to move Qi. They increase energy and start to accumulate it in the Dan Tian, ​​the "energy tank" which is located below the navel.

  • From an emotional point of view: every tension in the body corresponds to an emotional one, often linked to past traumas. To dissolve the blocks means to solve the traumas, to make "peace" with parts of yourself not yet integrated, and to rediscover more balance and harmony in your daily life.

  • From a mental point of view: it is a practice that increases awareness, concentration, and mental presence because it focuses attention on subtle movements and deep sensations, helping you dwell more in the present moment (removing stress, distractions, and worries).

In addition to energy and long-term health work, the practice brings benefits from the first days/weeks:

  • your immune system is strengthened and therefore you get sick much less

  • you release the joints and free yourself from the tensions that normally accumulate in the body, also improving posture and reducing pain in the cervical, lumbosacral area, knees, ankles, and so on.

  • internal organs become healthier and more efficient


  • rediscover new energy to do what is important to you, that you had lost getting older and/or due to a sedentary lifestyle

  • find the physical, mental and emotional center to live every day with balance, clarity, and peace

  • increase awareness and a deep sense of harmony and unity with yourself and with everything around you.

  • develop intuition, the ability to act faster and more effectively in life as well as in physical disciplines, without more indecision

  • by dissolving the tensions in the body, you also free yourself from the psycho-emotional blocks that were associated with those tensions, rediscovering new internal resources to face life in a better way

There are various versions of the Xing Shen Zhuang Gong. Some are very physical and more like gymnastics. What Shifu Constantino Valente teaches is the most energy-efficient one, compared to those he has practiced.





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