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Weekly Call with Jiaoshi Andrea - Frequently Asked Questions (Live On Facebook)

Besides teaching Nei Qi Gong online, I want to be useful on the web for topics related to personal and spiritual growth. I will be hosting Friday live video calls on my Facebook pages where I reply to common questions I receive related to the practice of Nei Qi Gong as well as I will be sharing my personal experience in the path of personal growth.

To join this free call and ask your questions, follow the Facebook page:

Send your questions as private messages and they will be replied to during the live video calls. In this way, they will be beneficial to other people as well.

The replay of each week's session will be posted on the Youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be up to date.


Jiaoshi Andrea


Nei Qi Gong is a path of personal and spiritual growth created by Shifu Costantino Valente.I am an authorized instructor of this discipline and I work with Shifu to teach Nei Qi Gong online to English and Spanish students. It is a path that requires dedication and personal work.

It is a system of ancient practices put together by Shifu that allows students to achieve a high mastery of Qi, and to cultivate a high level of Qi that can be used for different purposes: healing others, growing spiritually, and taking martial arts to the next level.

More info about the path can be found on this page:

People who are very interested can contact me personally at my Whatsapp that you find on my website:


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