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Why Are You Spiritually Dependent?

It does not matter if we talk of spirituality or not. There is a recurring factor in human beings which is putting other people down to create dependency or control over others. The reasons are different: some people do it for sake of power, others want to be more important, others to take advantage of others, and the list could go on.

Unfortunately, in the spiritual field, people are really fragile and tend to trust anyone speaking with a certain degree of confidence. We do not even have the possibility to verify if what has been said is true or not. If they are talking out of their own experience or they are just repeating things that other people said or that are written in the "holy books".

For sure the best way to put someone else under control is to make them feel that they are not enough, that they do not know enough. As a consequence, we want to learn from that person that is more capable of "realized" than us. And we do that by not even investigating his or her credentials. Is she or he authentic in his or her daily action beyond this exotic mysticism?

It is so easy to cheat people because people do not go beyond words. Their intuition and inner voice are dumbed by the appealing stories that people say. I am not saying to not listen to anybody, but create a little distance, be skeptical, and learn the tools that these people use. Put them into practice and then see for yourself the results.

Do not get amused by what people say, you want to have a direct experience of it. And that is the only way to "kill your teacher". Which means becoming a responsible, independent, and sensible human being.You can admire your teacher, be grateful for the tools he or she passed on you. But this life is yours and want to see with your eyes what is possible within your human possibilities.

Nowadays with the power of marketing and with the immense confusion that people live, people can get sold pretty much anything.I invite maturity. Do not listen to me as a guru, I am just expressing my opinions. If they are useful for you, enjoy them, otherwise move on. I do not pretend to save or help anybody.

I can just provide the tools that I have been given from my teacher and pass them on, and expressing my point of view, based on my experiences in this spiritual field. With the hope that more and more people can grow out of misery and illusion.



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