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Qi Gong: The Big Mistake of Chen Bao Shi (Hugging The Tree Posture)

The current spiritual and energy practice scenario is a mess. Everybody on the web talks like an expert master, because they read some kind of book about Qi Gong or attend some kind of 2-day teacher training program. People discuss in the Facebook groups and give recommendations to each other on what is best to do and how, without having a practical and direct understanding of it.

Most of the time, they are just starting out and following a "new age approach" to reality. So everybody feels entitled to fantasize and give tips to others. But I do not blame them. Because most of the Qi Gong available nowadays does not have a strong foundation and it is based on believing, imagining, feeling light sensations that could easily be created by the mind.

Anybody on Youtube with a big channel and marketing knowledge could put out such things, which will become the general reference for others about Qi Gong. Most people have no idea at what level this discipline can be taken. They fantasize about peace, immortality, universal energy, hugging trees, and so on.

And sometimes, when you show them a video of Qi manifestation they do not believe it. Because they never heard of it or sounds like an impossible thing to do based on their current Qi Gong knowledge. I am trying to expand awareness of the Nei Qi Gong method on the web. So I joined several Facebook groups about Qi Gong. Very quickly I found out that these groups are populated by people who like talking about Qi, rather than practicing.

A couple of times I tried to post there to give some information: I shared a video of the conversation I had with Shifu (that you find on my Youtube channel) and a video where I do a Qi Gong demonstration and show an exercise. The result?....the 2 posts got banned!I presume that the other Qi Gong teachers managing the group did not like it, because they were a bit afraid that some students might start to migrate somewhere else.

The whole Qi Gong situation is truly a shame because what is becoming available and widely known is a light form of Qi Gong or, in the worst cases, a "stupid Qi Gong". Once I did an interview with a guy from the USA, a so-called "Qi Gong teacher" who created his own method based on his intuition to recover from a health issue. The goal was to help each other by filming an interview together and sharing it on our channels.

When he understood that he was not talking with some guy who created a "magical system" rather with a practitioner from a serious Qi Gong school, I never heard of him again. We are in terrible times! That is the truth. Full of marketers and, unfortunately, full of believers.

In this video, I am showing one big mistake that I was reported by one of my students and that I also found myself on these knowledgeable Facebook groups. The video is about Chen Bao Shi (hugging the tree posture) where usually people stand for more than 20 minutes in this posture without doing anything.

There is something better you can do. In the Nei Qi Gong system, we use this posture for a practice called Yang Qi Gong, and we perform 4 exercises on it and we learn how to build and fill the structure up properly.



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