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What Is The Role of a Qi Gong/Spiritual Teacher?

When we start learning or following some kind of spiritual practice, we do it because we like the teacher and we believe that the practice can be beneficial for us. Nothing wrong with that. However, there are some common mistakes that can prevent us from understanding the role of such a person in our lives and how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Our mind is full of judgmental conclusions whether positive or negative, it does not matter. We approach someone with the expectation that that person is going to fulfill the image that we created in our minds. This leads to several issues such as seeing that person as perfect, in the case of a guru, as a divine-human being.

So, we start to follow this person with lots of admiration, in the same way, that we fall in love with somebody blindly, very quickly. However, if such a person does something that does not correspond to our original expectations, we turn that love into hate quite quickly. Like we would do with a lover who disappointed us.

Maybe that person is just showing one aspect of himself or herself that does not fit in our rigid way of seeing life as of right and wrong. At the end of the day, nothing is an absolute truth, it is just our individual interpretation of things.

In the case, of a guru or Qi Gong teacher, this might lead us to discard all the good aspects that are in this person and even the methods that is teaching, just because we saw "something wrong". In this spiritual field, there is a big issue going on. People are so confused that are looking for somebody else to fix their lives.

Only a few are ready to understand, that growing is personal work, not somebody else's job. We have to become mature and independent enough to see clearly. To learn from anything that we go through in life. And if we are lucky enough to find some methods that work, we should apply them regarding the person we are learning from.

What are important are the tools and our personal dedication. The role of a real spiritual/ qi gong teacher should be to help you wake up using the tools at his or her disposal. But ultimately, it is your work that makes the difference. Understanding also that such a person is just another human being with has certain habits and things that you might not like or understand.

To make it short: do not put anybody on a pedestal, walk life horizontally, respecting equally anything and anybody you meet. Apply the tools given by your teacher and follow his or her suggestions with dedication, you will see that you will go a long way with this approach, in anything you embark on. And your life could get transformed for the better!


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