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The Importance of "Intention" in Qi Gong Practice and Exercises

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

When we practice Qi Gong, we are working with our minds as well. While executing certain instructions that we might have learned, it is important to keep ourselves free from any expectation. In fact, practicing an exercise with the idea of developing certain energetic sensations might lead to a wrong territory, especially at the beginning of our path.

We could end up imagining things that do not exist.Our intention plays a very important role in the Qi Gong practice, especially when we are advanced practitioners because it allows us to recall quickly certain energetic sensations that we have developed with many hours of training.

However, when we start the path is better to keep an open and skeptical mind. To make sure that we can objectively see the outcome of the Qi Gong exercises.Sometimes, I get in touch with people who want to start the path of Nei Qi Gong and report to me certain experiences that are somehow incomplete.

For instance, they started to practice Qi Gong while watching Youtube videos or following advice on the various Facebook groups, such as the Qi ball exercise that we find sometimes on the web. The sensations that they report to me do not reflect the powerful experiences that an advanced practitioner would have while performing it.

While, of course, we do what we can with what we find, some of these exercises lead us to think that the sensations that we can develop with the Qi Gong exercises are quite light such as a little bit of warmth in our hand or a vibrating feeling.

However, the issue that I am trying to address in this video refers to the fact, that we do not even know if those sensations are 100% real because we might be influencing the result of the exercises with our intention.Practicing an exercise with a certain specific intention is like meeting somebody for the first time with some preconceived ideas.

We would never be able to understand and see all the different elements of this person because our intention/attention will be focused only on the expectation of a specific behavior/outcome.We would miss the full picture and the possibility of discovering other aspects connected to it.

That is why we never say in the path of Nei Qi Gong what the results/sensations of a specific practice are going to be. First of all, because everybody is different. And that type of approach would limit the possibilities of discovery that each of us has.

And then this would presume that everybody moves at the same speed, which is not the case, due to various factors.To summarize, whether you practice some other form of Qi Gong or Nei Qi Gong, I invite you to keep a skeptical and open mind until we understand experientially the technology behind what we are doing.

When we mature enough our intention plays a very important role while working with our vital energy. In the same way that we can decide to move our hands, we will be able to perform certain energetic (Qi Gong) related processes using our intention.


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